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How I became a Travel Agent and Quit my 9 to 5

Here, I will write the secrets of the travel industry and teach you how to use them to your advantage to travel way cheaper and sell your travel agent services!

How I became a Travel Agent and Quit my 9 to 5

Before I tell you how you can become a travel agent, you need to know some of the secrets of the travel industry so you can understand how this works.

Did you ever consider that the pandemic’s effect on you (and your wallet) is way more significant than being unable to travel for a while? The pandemic resulted in enormously decreased revenues & the travel industry is eager to earn that money back.

Let's dive down to the secrets of the travel industry and How they make money:


#1 The Huge Commissions


The fact that OTAs have commissions is no secret. However, the commissions are huge and keep growing, which is disturbing. Booking has a commission that goes up to 30% (!) of the initial hotel price, and that’s not fair. Moreover, according to the latest data, Booking offers the lowest price in only 7% of the cases. Even with these commissions and these 7%, it’s still the #1 booking website worldwide.

These high differences make you wonder! How can we get a fair price instead of giving all these commissions to hotel booking websites? That's the first question an enthusiast traveler or a travel agent would ask.

Having access to Naked Prices instead of Public Rates and the ability to book hotels with these prices puts you ahead of the others and opens up opportunities. 


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#2 Constant Price Changes


Hotel booking websites constantly change prices for many reasons, mainly to increase revenue. If a hotel is getting attractions at a time, the price of the hotel increases; if a hotel is being checked more often by a user, the price increases; if it's a high booking season for a hotel, the price increases, and …

This works the opposite way as well. There are situations in which the price of a hotel decreases, and that's where you can win! 

Even after you have booked a hotel, the price might drop. Being informed about this drop means you can book and rebook the hotel again and save some good money. That's how travel agents increase their revenues, and many people can afford to travel for cheap.


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It’s no secret that various taxes & fees are included in the price of your stay. That itself is not a problem. However, the fact that the whole price (with taxes included) is not always shown can be called one. For example, Expedia shows prices without taxes, and that’s why they seem lower than those on competitors' websites. If some taxes are up to a few bucks, resort fees are often incredibly high - Las Vegas hotels can cost $19 and turn into $49 after including them.

This is another reason why access to naked prices can save travelers and travel agents money and provide more value. You can also click here to join the community of people with access to these prices for FREE!


How Do I Travel and Make Money?


Easy! I have access to wholesale prices that are way cheaper than the prices normal people get! 

I don't need to worry about any of the abovementioned tactics that would empty my pocket. I simply get the cheapest rates possible for myself and others, making money and traveling cheap! and it's all because of the GOTRAVELAGENT tool!

GOTRAVELAGENT gives me access to all the wholesale prices at once, and it is FREE to Try! 


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Mar 13, 2024

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