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Best Christmas Markets in Europe [2023/2024]

Check out the Best Christmas Markets in Europe to visit this year! Between all the Christmas Markets, there are some special ones that we have chosen for this post.

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By Amir

Published: Oct 31, 2023 min read

Best Christmas Markets in Europe [2023/2024]

Overview of the Best Christmas Markets in Europe [2032/2024]



City, Country

Estimated Dates

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Strasbourg, France

last Saturday of November till Christmas

Strasbourg Christmas Market


Dresden, Germany

Last November till Christmas Eve

Dresden Striezelmarkt


Salzburg, Austria

Last November till December 26th

Salzburg Christmas Market


Budapest, Hungary

Mid-November to early January

Budapest Christmas Market


Copenhagen, Denmark

Mid-November to the end of December

Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market


Winchester, United Kingdom

Last November till Christmas

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market


Gothenburg, Sweden

Mid-November to the end of December

Gothenburg Christmas Market at Liseberg


Nuremberg, Germany 

1st - 24th December

Nuremberg Christmas Market


Copenhagen, Denmark

19th November - 31st December

Tivoli Christmas Market


Berlin, Germany

Late-November to early January

Berlin Christmas Markets



Late-November to early January

Andorra Christmas Market

Note that the exact dates of the markets have not yet been announced, but you can get this information from their official websites.

More about Christmas Markets in Europe

Strasbourg, France - Strasbourg Christmas Market

  • Strasbourg is often called the "Capital of Christmas." The city has a big, famous Christmas market that's been happening for hundreds of years. It's like stepping into a holiday fairy tale with lights, trees, and wooden stalls.
  • People come from all over to buy handmade crafts, tasty treats, and sip warm drinks. You can hear Christmas songs and see a giant Christmas tree in the main square. It's a magical place to feel the holiday spirit!

Even if not Christmas, there are still many reasons to Visit Strasbourg.

Dresden, Germany - Dresden Striezelmarkt

  • Dresden has one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. It's called the Striezelmarkt. The market is filled with festive lights and beautiful decorations.
  • Shoppers can find special gifts, yummy foods, and even a famous Dresden fruitcake called Stollen. It's a cheerful place where families gather to celebrate Christmas.

Salzburg, Austria - Salzburg Christmas Market

  • Salzburg's Christmas market is set in a beautiful square by the cathedral. It looks like a scene from a holiday postcard with snowy mountains in the background.
  • Visitors can enjoy sweet treats, shop for gifts, and listen to carolers sing. The sound of bells and the scent of gingerbread fill the air, making everyone feel jolly.

Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Christmas Market

  • Budapest's Christmas market is a feast for the eyes and the tummy! Bright lights shine everywhere, and there are many wooden stalls selling goodies.
  • People can enjoy traditional Hungarian pastries, warm drinks, and handcrafted gifts. The market is a cozy spot to feel the warmth of the holiday season.

Copenhagen, Denmark - Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market

  • In Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens turn into a winter wonderland. This Christmas market is in a big amusement park filled with rides, games, and festive fun.
  • The market has twinkling lights, ice skating, and lots of Danish treats. Children and adults both love the joyful atmosphere here.

Winchester, United Kingdom - Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

  • Winchester's Christmas market is right by a grand cathedral. The market looks like an old-time village with wooden huts and a sparkling ice rink.
  • Visitors can shop for unique gifts, eat yummy food, and even go ice skating. It's a charming place to enjoy the beauty of Christmas.

What about a Last Minute Winter Getaway?

Gothenburg, Sweden - Gothenburg Christmas Market at Liseberg

  • Gothenburg's Liseberg Park becomes a shimmering Christmas market in winter. It's one of the biggest in Sweden with millions of lights.
  • Families can ride fun rides, shop at market stalls, and eat tasty Swedish treats. With snow around, it feels like a true winter wonderland.
Nuremberg Christmas Market 0 best Christmas Markets In Europe 2023/2024

Nuremberg Christmas Market

  • "The Nuremberg Christmas Market, also known as "Christkindlesmarkt," is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in Europe. Dating back to the 16th century, this traditional market has been a beloved holiday destination for both locals and tourists alike.
  • The first record of the Nuremberg Christmas Market dates back to 1628, but it is believed to have originated even earlier. Back then, the market was known as "Krippenmarkt" or "Crib Market," as it primarily sold handcrafted nativity scenes. Over time, the market evolved into a winter wonderland, offering a variety of festive goods and activities.
  • According to Zach Shelley, the CEO at A-List Properties, "one of the most distinctive features of the Nuremberg Christmas Market is its iconic Christmas Angel, who officially opens the market each year. Another must-see attraction is the life-sized "Zwetschgenmännle" (plum people) made from dried figs and prunes."
Tivoli Christmas MArket in Copenhagen - ratepunk feautures best christmas markets in Europe

Tivoli Christmas Market

  • "Have you heard about Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark? It's amazing! Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in Copenhagen, hosts a spectacular Christmas market. 
  • What distinguishes it is the enchanting blend of thrilling rides, beautiful light displays, and traditional Danish holiday treats. The magical atmosphere and the opportunity to combine amusement park rides with Christmas shopping make it a unique destination for families. If you ever have the chance to check out this amusement park-turned-Christmas market, you have to!" recommends Thanh Dang, the founder of Food Senpai.

Berlin's Diverse Christmas Markets

  • "Berlin, Germany is home to more than 70 Christmas markets, spread across the city and its rural areas, providing a marvelous choice. The largest market is in the old town of Spandau, a historic suburb west of Berlin. For a more central location, the stalls in Gendarmenmarkt offer the classic German Christmas market experience. Alexanderplatz also hosts a middle-aged market and a Ferris wheel, offering impressive views.
  • Most markets in Berlin open on November 27 this year, with many closing on Christmas Eve. The market at Potsdamer Platz continues until New Year's Day, while Gendarmenmarkt closes on New Year's Eve and the City Hall market ends on December 30," more specific details shares Axel Hernborg, the CEO at Tripplo.

Andorra's Tió de Nadal Tradition

  • Guy Sharp, one of the managers at Andorra Guides says that this Christmas market is one of the few in the world where you can participate in the local festive tradition of Tió de Nadal—the magical Christmas log. Children, and the young at heart, can have a go at beating the giant-sized, smiley-faced log with a stick to the rhythm of the traditional song which accompanies the ritual. When the song ends, everyone gathers at the bottom end of the log to discover the sweets and candies it has "pooped" out as gifts. An unusual and unique custom, this festive ritual certainly makes for a truly memorable Christmas market experience!"

Europe's Christmas markets are more than just places to shop; they're heartwarming celebrations that capture the essence of the festive season. From the historic charm of Strasbourg's market to the winter wonderland of Gothenburg's Liseberg Park, each offers a unique blend of traditions, tastes, and treasures. These markets, set against Europe's picturesque cities and landscapes, invite visitors to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, savor delectable treats, and create cherished memories. Whether you're drawn to the age-old traditions in Dresden or the snowy scenes in Salzburg, Europe's best Christmas markets promise a magical experience that lingers long after the holidays have passed.

Oct 31, 2023

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