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Best winter destinations 2022/2023 + Cheaper offers on accommodation!

Traveling is certainly not only for summers! There are plenty of beautiful winter holiday destinations in the world, each offering a unique experience. Depending on whether you like to spend your winter vacation in a warm place or you enjoy the cold winter beauty, there are different destinations for you to choose from.

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Published: Oct 26, 2022 min read

Best winter destinations 2022/2023 + Cheaper offers on accommodation!


If you love cold and snow, Finland is probably the best winter 2022/2023 holiday destination for you. Finland is one of the most famous countries that offers a variety of attractions in winter. The urban area of Rovaniemi, mostly known for its Santa Claus Village attracts many tourists every year. Many people consider this town to be the best place to travel in December because of its unique Christmas experience. But Rovaniemi offers way more! Dogsledding, skateboarding, and visiting museums are only some activities offered by this town. Most importantly, many people choose this town for their winter getaway to see the northern lights! In Rovaniemi, this extraordinary light show can be witnessed in and around the city from late August until early April.
Although traveling to Finland is very dreamy, the costs can get high! Do not forget to install Ratepunk for FREE and book your hotel way cheaper!

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Spain is always considered the sunny and warm country in Europe, however, it is not always true! If you are choosing Spain as your winter destination, you need to know that Spain has a variety of different temperatures in this season. Let's talk about warm cities first! Although not all days are warm in winter, the Temperature in Malaga can rise up to 25 degrees! So if you don’t mind the cold water, you can go for a swim at the coast, or just simply sit by the water to enjoy the sun! Although Malaga considers a warm place for a winter vacation, it still gives you the spirit of the winter. The streets are full of winter lighting, and Christmas markets are held in the city.
If the cold does not bother you, Madrid is the best place to visit in December. The capital offers a great Christmas atmosphere full of activities. The most beautiful Christmas market holds place at the Plaza Mayor square where you can buy all your last-minute Christmas presents, also, there are many shopping malls nearby in case you are in the mood for shopping. You can enjoy many concerts and events happening around the city, and don't forget to go ice skating. 

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Turkey is the best place to visit in December, especially if you want to travel on a budget! As there are not a lot of tourists in Turkey during Winter, the prices drop and many tour companies and hotels offer cheaper prices. So the main question would be: Where to go in Turkey?!
Probably Istanbul and Antalya are the most heard cities of Turkey for tourists. Despite both of these cities being famous for their tourist attractions, they are very different from each other.
Istanbul is full of traditional sightseeing and famous streets which are very crowded in the summertime, therefore winter is a great time for your Istanbul getaway. Some of the famous places like Taksim square, grand Bazar, and Sultan Ahmed Mosque are essential places to visit in Istanbul.
Antalya on the other hand is a city of beaches and fancy hotels. As it is not really comfortable to swim there in the wintertime, it is suggested to book a very nice hotel. Ratepunk can help you find the best hotels in Antalya at a cheaper price. Antalya will be a great December vacation if your goal is to relax and enjoy indoor activities such as bowling and cinemas or go to different restaurants and enjoy delicious Turkish food. Nevertheless, many hotels provide heated swimming pools so you can enjoy a swim in wintertime.

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Dubai, United Arab States

In case you really want to escape the cold and you want your winter 2022/2023 getaway to be warm, Dubai is a great choice for you. Even in winter, the temperature in Dubai is around 25 degrees which is as high as in summer for some European countries. The temperature is still perfect if you want to go for a swim, walk around the city or visit the desert for a safari tour. Dubai is the city of modern and luxury hotels, including the famous Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. Although the price of luxury hotels in Dubai can be very high, Ratepunk can save you thousands of euros when booking them.

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If you are a fan of nature and would like to get away from the modern world, sit at the beaches and look at the great spotless blue ocean, we suggest you choose the Maldives as your travel destination for December. The island in winter is an amazing choice for people who are traveling on budget and would like to experience visiting this dreamy place cheaper. Maldives top resorts and hotels can be booked in the winter and they still provide a unique experience for tourists. Many people still choose this dreamy place for their honeymoon in winter!

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Oct 26, 2022

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