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HOW TO TRAVEL ON A BUDGET? Travel Tips and Hacks.

Everyone loves to travel, but most people don’t think they can afford it. There are various travel tips that can help you have your vacation on a budget!

HOW TO TRAVEL ON A BUDGET? Travel Tips and Hacks.

Use Ratepunk

RatePunk finds lower prices on hotels. From scanning hotel booking sites to comparing prices on different IP addresses (yes, hotel prices can vary by country), this Chrome extension knows almost every frugal hotel hack you can imagine.
Here’s how it works:

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While you book accommodations on Priceline, Expedia, or pretty much any other big OTA, RatePunk goes to work in the background to try and find a better price.
This hotel in Bali just got $1016 cheaper — and that’s without giving up the included breakfast or needing to go for a worse room. Price on One week, the full stay is $3116

Hotel on Booking, price for a room

Price on Agoda. All the same. One week, the full stay is $300 x 7 = $2100

Hotel price on Agoda, Bali

Same four-bedroom villa, just a lower price.
RatePunk finds money-saving options on rooms without you having to look the rates up yourself, potentially saving you hours of research. While you browse hotels, it checks hundreds of other providers to find a lower price. And yes, that includes tax so no sneaky price raises after the click.  
The best part? It’s completely free. Do yourself (and your wallet a favor) and get RatePunk HERE.


Teach English

Besides of accommodation, making money can be a great help if you have limited money to travel. Many non-English-speaking countries provide such opportunities for English-speaking people. Japan, China, Mexico, and South Korea are only a few countries to choose from. Some schools will require a certificate from you to let you teach as an English teacher, so it is suggested to make sure about the requirements.


Travel off-season

This is one of the best budget travel tips that can save you lots of money. Many people only consider summer for vacations which is an absolute mistake. Although summer has its great weather and attractions, you never know what you are missing if you never try to pack your bags for a winter getaway. Whether you want to have your winter getaway in a cold destination or a warm one, there are plenty of different choices for you. If you are considering a vacation in the wintertime, make sure to check our chosen best winter destinations first!


Use carpooling services, such as Bla Bla Car

If you're on a low budget, Bla Bla Car and other comparable services could assist you to save a ton of money. If there are any spots available, those who own vehicles and are making the trip anyhow will let you know, and you can then pay for that space. It frequently costs less than public transportation. Similar to this, you can get some money back to go toward gas if you're doing a road trip and have space in the vehicle.



Jul 22, 2022

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