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Bordeaux Itinerary: Comparing ChatGPT's Advice to a Local Guide's Recommendations

After ChatGPT came into daylight, everyone has been saying that it will definitely ease our life: composing texts, finding information, or planning a trip. The last one is worth discussing. Are you wondering why? Well, I don’t think you should trust AI to plan a trip, and I will show you why. Bordeaux is well known for being one of the best wine regions in the world. However, only some know this fantastic city has so much to offer, from foodies to art lovers or lazy travelers. And I am speaking from my personal experience. For the past few weeks, I’ve been considering having a vacation in Bordeaux, even though I’ve been there. Curiosity led me to ChatGPT and what kind of recommendations ChatGPT offers to those who are interested in traveling to Bordeaux. Check what I got:

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Published: Mar 14, 2023 min read

Bordeaux Itinerary: Comparing ChatGPT's Advice to a Local Guide's Recommendations
Bordeaux Itinerary: Comparing ChatGPT's Advice  to RatePunk

Analysing ChatGPT Schedule

At first glance, it looks okayish, but there are so many hidden things that you must double-check. For instance, the Miroir d'Eau is empty from November to March, so you should pay attention to time. Also, there might be better times than going there in the morning. I recommend going there in the evening for better lighting. Secondly, looking at the Place de la Bourse and taking some photos won't take an hour unless you want to eat a sandwich while sitting on the bench at the main square. 

It usually takes 15 minutes to walk to the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts. If it is not the first Sunday of the month (free entrance to some of the museums), you shouldn't stand in a queue. More or less, after two hours, you'll see everything and start thinking about food. The best time to get lunch is from 12 pm to 2 pm; otherwise, you will have to grab some pastries from a bakery. There is a rule in France that restaurants work from morning till 2 pm, and when they reopen from 7 pm till most of the time midnight. 

After a lunch break, ChatGPT suggests going to Jardin Public—a good idea, especially if traveling during peak season when everything is blooming. But still, two hours there is too much, especially if you have limited time to spend in Bordeaux. Moreover, ChatGPT offers going to Place des Quinconces park and ending the day. If you are a tourist, you might think that Place des Quinconces must be some palace or museum. You're mistaken, dear. Although it is one of the most photographed sites in the city, it is a venue with a beautiful monument for the Girondins. You might spend there up to 30 minutes. Again, if you are a smoker…

Moreover, finishing the day at  6 pm is a true sin, my friend. Western European countries love evening time, especially during the warm or hot season. All streets are buzzing; people enjoy dinners, having a great time with friends, or simply tasting wine. Well, there are several Michelin Guide-recommended gourmet restaurants in Bordeaux that you can visit. One of my favorites is Le Quatrième Mur, set in Bordeaux’s iconic Grand Théâtre. The restaurant serves affordable fine dining dishes that truly elevate your senses. Always remember that you must reserve a table for dinner; otherwise, you might not get the table. 

If you follow the second day as ChatGPT suggests, you will be tilted from early in the morning. To begin with, La Cité du Vin opens from 10 am til 5 pm. So if you arrive at 9 am, you’ll have to wait an hour. The museum is interactive and well-maintained. The entrance fee is €22, but it also includes a glass of wine at the rooftop bar that boasts spectacular views of Bordeaux city. You will spend around two hours there if you are particularly interested in gourmet culture and wines. 

La Cité du Vin is not located in the most comfortable area, so you’ll have to take a tram to the city center. Should you have a lunch break at the Marche des Capucins? I better go to the cafe named Utopia or somewhere in Rue Huguerie, which is slowly becoming one of the foodiest streets in Bordeaux. 

After the lunch break, a guided tour to Saint Emilion? Why not. But please note that you must make the reservation far in advance; otherwise, you’ll have to use public transport and search for wineries with empty seats for wine tastings. Trust me, many wine enthusiasts come to Bordeaux because of wine tours, even during the shoulder season. If you are wondering where you find a guided wine tour, check Viator or GetYourGuide sites. There are plenty of options, depending on the time and money you can spend. 

Again, the second day ends at 7 pm. I don’t need to repeat that it is a brilliant time for a fancy dinner or romantic stroll in the city center, do I? 

Was I pleased with the third-day schedule? Absolutely - NO. Again the same mistakes: wrong timing (there aren’t any boat tours at Garonne River available at 9 am, only start at 11 am), selected places are a bit far away from each other (reaching Cap Ferret usually takes around 1 hour 20 minutes if you are driving from the city center), and going back to the same place (La Cité du Vin) to enjoy the glass of wine…

RatePunk Bordeaux Itinerary: Comparing ChatGPT's Advice to a Tour Guide's Recommendations 2


One thing to remember is that sometimes ChatGPT does not give you completely accurate information. It's designed to predict what words should come next in a sentence, but it's not always perfect. ChatGPT doesn't know about anything that's been created since 2021, so it might not be the best choice if you need really up-to-date content. In this case, planning a trip. Also, some hidden biases might affect the results because people build them. 

Yes, ChatGPT comes in handy when you want to know about famous places and attractions of Bordeaux city. Especially if you don't know anything about the city. However, doing detailed research is a must. The ChatGPT doesn't have access to the newest data and some details, such as museums' working hours or the variety of specific tours. Also, some places are closing, and other ones are opening, so there are many things you can know more about. 

Useful Tip

Hooked by the idea of exploring Bordeaux and enjoying delicious food and wines? In this case, you better start thinking about finding accommodation because there are plenty of tourists in summer. First of all, you should decide what kind of hotel you would like to book. For instance, the cozy three-star Maison Manège situated in Bordeaux center, or the elegantly decorated, fabulous 5-star Le Palais Gallien Hôtel & Spa. It is up to you to decide what kind of accommodation you want. Just don’t forget that with the RatePunk browser extension, you can check the cheapest deals live, get cashback and activate the rebooking feature to ensure saving more money if the price drops down. 

Finally, do you want to see how the local guide imagines three days trip to Bordeaux? The Local Tour Guide recommends the Bordeaux Itinerary, which contains already mentioned places and some extra. Why? Because locals always know the best what to see, where to eat, and how long it takes. And most importantly, frequent travelers know that having more free time on the third day is a must because you need to pack your baggage and refresh yourself after an intensive and full-of information-experience. 

RatePunk Bordeaux itinerary by local guide

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Mar 14, 2023

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