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British Airways vs Lufthansa

Regarding European airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways stand out as major rivals. I appreciate the services of both and find distinct experiences with each. When Europe is my destination, these are my top two airline choices.

British Airways vs Lufthansa

They both operate numerous routes globally, especially to the U.S. While they both maintain loyalty programs with varied opinions, it's time to weigh the strengths of each airline.

British Airways headquarters are in Greater London and it operates majorly from three London airports ( Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and London City Airport). Its vast U.S. route map is noteworthy.

Originating from Cologne, Germany, Lufthansa's main operations come from Frankfurt and Munich, covering over 210 destinations in 73 countries, including 20 in the U.S.

Highlights: Lufthansa vs. British Airways

  • While Lufthansa delights its passengers with chocolates, British Airways does not extend this gesture.
  • Lufthansa proudly associates itself with the Star Alliance, whereas British Airways is an esteemed member of the OneWorld Alliance.
  • Lufthansa operates from its roots in Germany, contrasting with British Airways, which is anchored in the United Kingdom.
  • British Airways is often commended for its exemplary customer service, while Lufthansa provides a standard, reliable service.
  • Loyalty benefits differ: British Airways awards its dedicated customers with Avios points, while Lufthansa provides its "Miles and More" rewards.

British Airways Overview

Baggage Allowance. British Airways' baggage policy generally permits passengers to carry one cabin bag and one checked bag. However, allowances vary based on the destination, duration of the flight, and selected fare class. Economy Class typically allows one cabin bag and one checked bag. Premium Economy - grants an additional checked bag over the Economy allowance. Business and First Class often include multiple checked bags.

Food and Beverage. British Airways offers a rich gastronomic experience, encompassing a broad range of dishes and beverages. Naturally, on short-haul flights expect light snacks and a selection of beverages to be served. During long-haul flights - wait for comprehensive meal services, including a main course, side dishes, desserts, and a wide array of beverages. IF you have special dietary needs, you can pre-book catering meals before having a flight. Finally, first and business class passengers enjoy gourmet meals, a wider variety of wines, and complimentary champagne.

Rewards Program - The Executive Club. The Executive Club is British Airways' loyalty scheme, designed to reward frequent flyers. How does it work? Members accumulate Avios points for every flight, which can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, hotel stays, and more. The more points you earn -the better your tier gets. These determine your club status – from Blue to Silver to Gold – with each tier offering increased benefits. Also, there are regular promotions, special offers, and discounts are provided exclusively to members.

In-flight Entertainment.British Airways ensures passengers are entertained throughout their journey with a wide selection of multimedia. A vast collection of the latest movies, popular TV series, music albums, and radio channels. Parents should relax, because this airline has a dedicated section for younger travelers, including cartoons, movies, and games. Moreover, On select flights, passengers can access Wi-Fi to stay connected or stream content to personal devices.

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British Airways Classes

Beginning with their most budget-friendly option, Basic Economy is designed for travelers who prioritize cost savings. With this fare class, passengers can expect the lowest fares but with certain limitations: they receive a complimentary carry-on bag, but checked baggage and seat selection come with additional costs. 

For those seeking a bit more comfort without stretching the budget too much, Standard Economy offers an enhanced experience. In addition to the amenities provided in Basic Economy, travelers are granted an opportunity of choosing their seats and taking along a checked bag. A warm touch in this class includes the complimentary serving of tea, coffee, soft drinks, and meals.

Moving a step up, Premium Economy stands as a testament to British Airways' commitment to providing comfort at every level. Travelers in this class benefit from increased legroom and wider seats, ensuring a relaxed journey. The experience is further elevated with noise-canceling headphones and an extended food and beverage menu, inclusive of complimentary alcoholic beverages. Many travelers find this class to be the sweet spot, balancing enhanced amenities with reasonable pricing.

For the discerning traveler who seeks luxury and an array of exclusive services, Business Class is the go-to choice. Here, one can expect to recline in lie-flat seats or enjoy the privacy of their own suite. But the luxury isn't confined to the aircraft; business class travelers are also granted access to exclusive lounges and benefit from priority boarding. The in-flight services are a notch above, featuring gourmet meals and premium amenities.

However, for those who desire nothing but the best, First Class remains unparalleled. Every aspect of the journey is steeped in luxury. From private suites with lie-flat beds and gourmet dining options to champagne, cocktails, and luxury amenity kits, every detail is meticulously curated. First Class passengers also enjoy the privilege of accessing the most premier lounges and receiving top-tier priority services.

Pros of British Airways:

  • Passengers frequently praise the affability and professionalism of the flight staff.
  • The airline boasts a commendable reputation in the aviation sector.
  • With an expansive network, British Airways offers flights to numerous destinations across Europe and globally.
  • The airline upholds a straightforward baggage policy, ensuring clarity for travelers.
  • A strategic alliance with American Airlines allows passengers to use their points for booking flights on British Airways.


  • Some travelers believe there's room for improvement in the meal quality.
  • Fares, especially for higher classes or baggage leans towards the higher end of the spectrum compared to competitors.

Lufthansa’s Key Features

Baggage Policy. Generally, passengers are entitled to one carry-on and a checked bag at no additional cost. However, it's pertinent to note that Lufthansa's baggage allowance can be intricate. To ascertain the specifics for your journey, Lufthansa's website offers a dedicated baggage calculator tool. More about baggage sizes → here

Food Selection. Lufthansa provides complimentary snacks and beverages, ensuring hydration with bottled water for journeys ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. On flights exceeding an hour, passengers are treated to assorted snacks and a broader beverage choice. A commendable aspect of Lufthansa's service is the diverse and health-conscious refreshment options provided. 

Loyalty Rewards. The "Miles and More" rewards program stands as a testament to Lufthansa's commitment to its frequent flyers. Each journey earns you miles, presenting opportunities to ascend to elite flying tiers. Moreover, these accumulated miles can be redeemed for hotel stays and flights.

In-Flight Entertainment. Lufthansa ensures a captivating flight experience with access to over 150 movies, an eclectic mix of music, and a range of TV shows. A notable feature is Lufthansa's international entertainment selection, catering to a global palette. Additionally, broadband internet is available on all long-haul flights, ensuring constant connectivity.

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Lufthansa Airfare Classes

Economy Class. Lufthansa's Economy Class offers a no-frills, budget-friendly travel solution, furnishing passengers with essential in-flight amenities. Features:

  • Complimentary snacks and meals on specific routes.
  • Access to Lufthansa's in-flight entertainment.
  • Comfortable seating with adjustable headrests.

Premium Economy Class. Lufthansa's latest fare addition, Premium Economy, strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and upgraded amenities. Features:

  • All standard amenities of Economy.
  • Enhanced legroom.
  • Increased baggage allowance.
  • Wider and more comfortable seating.

Personal Note: My go-to choice when flying Lufthansa – a delightful flight experience without a hefty price tag.

Business Class. Designed for discerning travelers, Lufthansa's Business Class offers an elevated flying experience. Features:

  • Gourmet meals and top-tier beverages.
  • Upgraded seating with added legroom.
  • Exclusive access to Lufthansa lounges.
  • Priority boarding and baggage handling.

First Class. Lufthansa’s crème de la crème offering, First Class, ensures an unparalleled luxury experience.Features:

  • All amenities of Business Class.
  • Private cabin spaces with fully reclining seats.
  • Complimentary premium champagne.
  • Personal assistance for travelers.
  • Exclusive First-Class lounge access with personal showers and a lavish bar.

To sum up, here’s the pros:

  • Consistent good service.
  • Appealing flight deals.
  • Complimentary chocolates for passengers.
  • Vast array of movies, music, and TV shows available for in-flight entertainment.


  • Absence of uniform baggage guidelines necessitates using a baggage calculator.
  • Limited departure locations within the USA.
  • Lack of snack service on shorter routes.

Both British Airways and Lufthansa stand as titans in the aviation sector, each delivering impeccable service and offering an array of amenities to their passengers. My personal allegiance leans towards British Airways; there's an inherent feeling of familiarity and comfort when I'm aboard their flights. However, loyalty has its limits. Should Lufthansa present a more enticing flight deal, I wouldn't hesitate to embark on a journey with them.

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Oct 04, 2023

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