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How to Save Money on Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, with its iconic canals and vibrant culture, is a top destination for travelers worldwide. Its unique blend of historical museums, picturesque waterways, and diverse culinary scene makes it a magnet for tourists, especially the younger crowd.

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Published: Nov 24, 2023 min read

How to Save Money on Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's allure is undeniable, from its world-class museums and charming canals to its eclectic dining and nightlife. However, the city's popularity also means it's not the most budget-friendly destination more likely expensive one. But don't worry, there are several smart ways to save on accommodation without robbing the bank. Whether you're a student or a young traveler, this guide will help you navigate Amsterdam's hotel scene economically, ensuring your visit is both memorable and affordable.

Direct Communication for Hotel Discounts

Saya Nagori, Founder of Wander DC, suggests directly asking hotels about potential deals can often lead to unexpected savings." Nagori's strategy extends beyond relying solely on discount sites. She shares a personal experience, "When I stayed at the Ciao Papa Hotel in Amsterdam, a simple phone call about last-minute booking deals led to a surprisingly affordable rate." This direct negotiation, she notes, "unveiled a cancellation discount not listed online, a fortunate find I wouldn't have accessed through standard online booking channels like Expedia." This approach underscores the value of direct communication in travel planning. Yes, it may not always work, and not everyone likes calling hotels, but it's up to the traveler to decide. 

Explore Options and Use Comparison Tools

Daniel De Vries, Director of, offers insightful advice for budget-conscious travelers heading to Amsterdam. He suggests, "To find lower-priced hotels in Amsterdam, venture outside the central UNESCO-protected districts to neighborhoods like Jordaan, De Pijp, and Museumplein," highlighting these areas for their modernity and affordability. 

Nowadays, there is a slight difference in seasonal pricing. Nevertheless, some time periods still influence lower hotel prices because of weather conditions. De Vries noted that "January is the most budget-friendly month." Interestingly, he challenges the common perception of hostels being cheaper, stating that during peak tourist months, their prices can rival hotels. He also emphasizes the efficiency of hotel price comparison websites for the best rates.

More about Comparison Tools

And we totally agree on  De Vries suggestion to use hotel price comparisons. RatePunk is a hotel price comparison tool (browser extension & app for iOS) with extra perks (price tracking, rebooking, and a user-friendly interface). We also noticed that people tend to keep booking hotels on their favorite hotel booking websites without checking other providers. Moreover, only a few customers checked if the price had dropped after making hotel reservations. That's why you should consider having RatePunk or trying it, especially since the RatePunk browser extension is free! Who knows, after trying it out, you may want to have RatePunk Premium which gives access to the zero-margin hotel prices. 
What's more, RatePunk shows that sometimes choosing the location (using VPN) may influence hotel price and sometimes you can save even more if you choose another IP address. 

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Be Strategic in Planning

In discussing economic hotel choices in Amsterdam, Aiden Higgins of The Broke Backpacker advises on the value of strategic planning. He suggests looking outside the city center for cost-effective options, like the MEININGER hotel, known for its modern design and mix of private and communal rooms. Higgins also mentions ClinkNOORD as an appealing choice with its blend of personal and dorm-style accommodations. 

Moreover, if you are under 25 or a student - before visiting Amsterdam, you should check for some discounts. For instance, many big cities offer free museum tickets for youngsters. Higgins highlights that utilizing student groups, travel clubs, and specific websites can unlock additional discounts on accommodations

P.S. You can check these local websites that offers good deals for meals & attractions: tripper & Social Deal.

Saving money on hotels in Amsterdam can be achieved through various methods. Exploring neighborhoods outside the central area, like Jordaan and De Pijp, often yields more affordable and spacious accommodation. Being flexible with travel dates and utilizing price comparison websites can also lead to significant savings. Additionally, direct communication with hotels for potential discounts and planning trips during off-peak seasons can further reduce costs, making your Amsterdam stay both enjoyable and budget-friendly... as possible!

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Nov 24, 2023

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