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How to write a review for a hotel - Simple Way

How to write a review for a hotel? This is an important question to ask as reviews are more important than ever in our daily life nowadays. Therefore, we would want to write the best review possible to help others make the right decisions.

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By Amir

Published: Jul 27, 2023 min read

How to write a review for a hotel - Simple Way

How to write the Hotel Review

Firstly, let's take a look at some tips on how to write the review and what your wording should be like.

Write simple and to-the-point

There are many factors you can write about when it comes to hotel reviews. We will get into these factors shortly, but you must take into consideration that you should not write a lot about each factor of the hotel, like food, amenities, location, services, and … as your review will become a course paper.

Many people want to have an overview of the hotel's good and bad aspects and would not want to check everything in detail, especially if everything was normal. That is why in our free browser extension, RatePunk, we have added a section as Word Cloud, where we give the user an overview of the amenities of the hotel with color ratings. The word cloud section is based on true reviews and can give the user an accurate overview of the hotel amenities.

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Be balanced and honest

There is a big chance you are writing the review as something negative has happened during your stay. In my opinion, negative reviews are very encouraged as they can give a good perspective to the user on what to watch out for, and I appreciate them.

However, people tend to forget about all the good conditions of the hotel when they are mad about something. Being mad and frustrated can influence your writing and can make it way harsher than it should be.

Therefore, it is important to always try to be balanced and completely honest in your reviews to give others the best advice and not just trash the hotel.

Avoid inappropriate language

Much related to the previous point, avoid using inappropriate words and comments when writing the review. The review, which is written with proper words and sentences, is way more acceptable to people compared to the ones that are written inappropriately.

Use a star rating

For sure, this will depend on where you are writing the review, as not all platforms provide such an opportunity. However, nowadays, many of the review platform and hotel websites let you choose a star rating for the hotel you are reviewing, which is a great way to summarize all your experience for the reader. So make sure to include that!

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What to Include in the Hotel Review

Facilities and Amenities

Obviously, when it comes to hotels, readers want to know about the facilities and amenities of the hotel. 

Always facilities and amenities of the hotel are listed on the website and the hotel page, so it is not necessary to point them out. Instead, try to write about your experience using those facilities and their positive/negative aspects.

Staff and Service

One can argue that the staff and service provided by the hotel are even more important than the facilities, and for many people is. 

It is always expected that the Staff provides good service for the customers as hotels are a part of the hospitality industry, so personally, I think it is important to point out clearly about this matter. Make sure to include all the negative aspects of the service in your review, if any.

Dining options

Personally, I like the hotel breakfasts a lot! and I would use the RatePunk word cloud to understand the quality of the breakfast.

It is safe to say many people care about the food, so it is a big help to write about the dining options of the restaurant. 

Value for Money

Value of money is becoming a more important a topic in hotel reviews daily by day. It even has a star rating on many hotel platforms.

I see it as a great overview to know if people staying at that hotel felt that their money was well spent or not. It can tell you whether the hotel is too expensive for its service or it is just right! 

For it to be easier for you, consider the facilities, service, location, and overall comfort.

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Jul 27, 2023

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