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Is it Safe to Stay in a Hotel Alone as a Woman?

Hotels might provide security measures, yet women traveling alone should maintain their own safety checklist.

Is it Safe to Stay in a Hotel Alone as a Woman?

Today, more women are traveling solo. Whether it's for work or fun, picking a safe hotel and knowing some safety tips is essential. Even though hotels have their own security measures, women should also have their own safety checklist when staying.

  • Protect Your Identity. When booking your room, it's wise to use only your first initial followed by your last name. This can help keep your gender ambiguous and deter potential unsolicited attention.
  • Discretion with Room Details. Ensure that the hotel staff discreetly communicates your room number to you, preferably by writing it down. Announcing it can make you vulnerable to eavesdroppers.
  • Room Location. Choose a room in areas of the hotel that see regular foot traffic. Avoid isolated areas which can make you an easier target for potential threats.
  • Avoid Staying On The Ground-Floor. Rooms on the ground floor, especially those with direct external access like balconies, can be more accessible for intruders. If possible, opt for higher floors.
  • Check The Room. Before settling in, check all doors and windows to make sure they lock securely and can't be opened externally with a master key or tool. Also, pay attention if there are no hidden cameras.
  • Added Security with Door Stoppers. I bet you didn’t know about this hack. Investing in a portable rubber door stopper can provide an added layer of security, preventing unwanted entry. 

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  • Don’t Boast About Your Room Number.  Keep your room number private. If arranging to meet someone, plan to greet them in communal areas like the lobby.
  • Discretion with Room Service. When ordering room service, do so directly over the phone. Avoid leaving filled-out order cards outside your door as this can give away that you're alone.
  • Room Service Delivery Preference. We all are different and it is okay to have some preferences. For added comfort, you can request that a female staff member delivers your order. 
  • Door Safety. If someone claims to be a hotel employee at your door, always verify with the front desk before allowing entry. You can make a call to reception and only then open the door.
  • Parking Safety. If the hotel has a secluded or underground parking lot, look around if there are enough cameras. If not, you can ask a hotel staff member to assist or accompany you when parking or retrieving your car.
  • Beverage Safety. If you're at the hotel bar or any public space, always keep an eye on your drink. Some people may attempt to tamper with unattended beverages. If in doubt, there are now products available that allow you to test your drink for any foreign substances. 

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Oct 20, 2023

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