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Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024

Europe is home to an array of unique dining experiences, where culinary art meets innovation and tradition. From underwater restaurants in Norway offering panoramic views of the marine life, to marvellous restaurants in Italian caves- know these the most unique & fancy restaurants before traveling in Europe.

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By Eglė

Published: Jan 22, 20247 min read

Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024

As a passionate foodie, my travels are always flavored with the quest to discover local cuisines and hidden culinary gems. The joy of exploring new places is perfectly paired with the thrill of tasting the best dishes each destination has to offer. So, I've decided to share a selection of crème de la crème restaurants, where not only is the food delectably memorable, but the settings are absolutely breathtaking, offering a feast for the senses.

Iris - most unique restaurants in Europe to visit in 2024


Address: Salmon Eye, 5470 Rosendal, Norway

Official website || Instagram

If you watched movie “Meniu” this restaurant seem soo similar to the one from movie but nope - it’s not the same. 
There's this new fancy restaurant that popped up in June 2023, right in the middle of a lake in Norway. The whole place is built inside this metal structure that's shaped like a giant salmon eye, pretty wild, right? It's called Restaurant Iris, and it's run by Chef Anika Madsen. Now, this isn't your regular dine-and-dash kind of spot. They've got seating for just 24 people, and it's quite the experience. The menu is priced for NOK 3900,- / $372 without wine pairings. Nevertheless, it's definitely more of a once-in-a-lifetime, splurge-worthy kind of dinner. 

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Address: 10 S Access Rd, London E17 8AX, UK

Official website || Instagram 

Picture this: you're in London, and you're about to hop on the Underground – not for a typical tube ride, but for a fancy dinner. This isn't just any train carriage; it's a cool, vintage 1967 Victoria Line tube carriage parked at the Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum. Normally, you wouldn't dream of eating a full meal on the tube, right? But here, it's a whole different vibe. Three nights a week, this old carriage turns into one of London's hippest dining spots, the Imagine sitting on those classic tube benches, now covered in moquette, and diving into an amazing six-course Latin American feast. And it's all thanks to Beatriz Maldonado Carreño, an incredible Colombian chef.

Now, the seating is pretty neat. You've got these cozy little tables scattered around the carriage, perfect for a more intimate dinner. But hey, if you're up for meeting some new people, there's this long communal table – it's a supper club, after all. The whole experience is like a love letter to both London's tube culture and mouth-watering gastronomy. Since 2018, this place has been a hit for anyone who's into unique dining experiences. So, you're not just getting a meal; you're getting a story to tell, a real London underground adventure, but with way better food!
P.S. I bet I don't need to say that it's a must to book a table before going there or any other restaurant mentioned on this list. 

Grotta Palazzese - most unique restaurants in Europe to visit in 2024

Grotta Palazzese

AddressVia Narciso, 59, 70044 Polignano a mare BA, Italy

Official website || Instagram

Imagine you're high up on the side of an Italian mountain, in this quaint little fishing village called Polignano. There's this restaurant, Grotta Palazzese, and it's not your average eatery. It's tucked away inside a natural limestone cave, right on the cliffside. This spot isn't new – it's been around since the 1700s, when local nobles used to throw big banquets here.

The menu at Grotta Palazzese changes with the seasons, but it's always about giving you a taste of Puglia, that's the region it's in. They take traditional dishes and give them a twist with all sorts of flavors and spices. And since you're right by the sea, you bet the menu's got plenty of fresh fish and seafood, caught right there. It's all about matching the food with the whole cave-by-the-sea vibe. The catch? This unique dining experience is only open from May to October each year. So, if you're around during those months and want a meal with a view that's literally carved into history, this is the place.

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El Diablo - Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024 ratepunk

El Diablo

Address: Montañas del Fuego Carretera General Yaisa- Tinajo, S/N 35560 Tinajo

Official site || Instagram

So, let's chat about one of the coolest spots on Lanzarote, an island that's already pretty amazing. There's this place called Timanfaya National Park, and right there is the Timanfaya Volcano. Near the volcano, you've got El Diablo Restaurant, and let me tell you, it's something else. The big draw here? They cook their food on a grill that's heated up by the actual volcano. Yeah, you heard that right – the heat comes straight from the earth, and just below the surface, it's scorching hot, like 752°F hot.

The restaurant itself is a piece of art, thanks to Cesar Manrique, a local architect who really cared about the environment. It's not just about the food here; while you're waiting for some seriously tasty grilled meat, there's this cool tour they do. The staff will show you this wild geyser effect – they pour water into these underground holes, and whoosh, it steams right up. And if the whole volcano thing makes you a bit jittery, no worries. This volcano's been just chilling, doing its thing without any eruptions since way back in 1824. 

The HR Giger Bar - Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024 ratepunk

The HR Giger Bar

Address:  Rue du Château 3, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland
Official website || Instagram

Ever walked into a Swiss bar and felt like you've been there before? Well, if the place looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, you're not imagining things. The bar's design is by Hans Ruedi Giger, the same guy who designed the "Alien" movie. The whole interior is like a wild trip through his imagination, covered in what looks like bones. It's kind of like you're having a drink in the middle of a graveyard for creatures that never existed, or maybe inside the belly of some kind of fierce monster. It's a bit eerie, but totally cool, especially if you're into that sort of out-of-this-world vibe.

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Ice Q- Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024 ratepunk

Ice Q

Address: Gaislachkogl Bergstation Dorfstraße 115, 6450 Sölden, Austria
Official website || Instagram

It's this amazing restaurant in Sölden, Austria, right up in the Alps. Just breath-taking place - you're over 3,000 meters high, with killer views of the mountains, and you get there by one of the world's highest cable cars. The place is all glass walls and steel, looking super cool against the snowy mountains – and it's been wowing people since 2012. Oh, and get this – it was in a James Bond movie, "Spectre." So if you're a Bond fan, this is your chance to walk in 007's footsteps.

Food is as awesome as the place looks. We're talking beef tartar, fish skewers, fancy chicken meatballs with truffle, apple strudel, tiramisu, and they even have this special wine called Pino 3000. Once you're done eating and snapping photos, you can hit the slopes and ski right there. 

Under - Most Unique Restaurants in Europe 2024 ratepunk


Address: 4521 Båly, Norway
Official website || Instagram

Under in Norway is a really cool place that takes dining to a whole new level – literally, underwater! It's like eating in a submarine, with big windows showing off the ocean life swimming by. The food is, of course, fresh, local seafood that's cooked in a way that's both tasty and kind to the environment. It's not just about the amazing food, though; it's also about feeling like you're part of an underwater adventure. Going to Under is a must for anyone who loves a bit of excitement with their meal. Price? The total cost for a Set Menu is 1950 Norwegian Krone (NOK) per person, which is approximately 215 US dollars. Naturally, if you take beverages or wine pairings, the price will increase. 

Of course, we can continue with this list, so if you have visited a fantastic European restaurant (any from the list or another one), share your experience in the comment section below. 

Jan 22, 2024

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