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SHORTLIST: Business Class Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks for 2023

Is Business Class travel hacking too good to be true? Now you are probably thinking, "I don’t want to spend that much money all at once," or we could simply say, "open a credit card that will give you miles for every eligible dollar spent." Of course, that all sounds great and easy, especially since most of us don’t have much spare time researching endless websites that promise the world primarily because of our busy daily lives, nor adding more credit cards to our wallets.

SHORTLIST: Business Class Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks for 2023

When you travel, there are 2 BIG parts where you can easily spend the most: transportation, AKA flights; accommodation. So, today we'll cover the flights part, how to hack a Business Class flight deal in 2023. But before we jump onto that, here is a little about accommodation and how to save on hotels in 2023. 

So, you know that travel agents are the old news nowadays. With technologies rising and taking a lot of market share, nobody wants to spend a week negotiating the prices with an agent who's probably really pissed half of the time because of dealing with Karens. However, many travel hacks require time and effort, and not all of them work the way you imagine. So, here is some good news! 

How to book hotels cheaper in 2023

Ratepunk is becoming the new normal because it doesn't require you to do anything. It's a browser extension that automatically pops up only on the hotel booking website (of your choice), scans all available prices on the internet, and displays the lowest rate for the hotel you're looking at. And it's free to use. Try this travel hack in 2023 and book hotels way cheaper!


Economy VS Business

We created a shortlist of tips, tricks, and hacks to enhance your experience making life extra lavish for your next adventure. 

First, let’s start with the differences and fun facts.

Business Class Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks for 2023



We all know how painful it is to board a plane when numbered rows are being called in. Boarding in Business Class will be a breeze, you will be the first to board and settle in without the crowds and will receive dedicated service that can spoil all your senses. 


Better Rest 

Consider a transatlantic flight from the East Coast, you will be flying for 7+ hours. In Business Class, you will be getting bigger and better seats that will either recline or lie flat, providing the utmost passenger comfort, and a whole new luxurious travel experience will open up. 


More Space

Leave the huddle feeling at the office meeting space. In Business Class, you will stretch out your legs, won’t need to give up any armrests, nor have the person in front of you crush your knees. 


Fine Dining

Drop the thought that dinner will be served out of a box and start adopting the idea that you will be given a set of silverware, a world-class wine list to choose from, and a gourmet meal crafted by dedicated chefs. After all, we all like to get pampered. 


On arrival

After a long and countless flying hours, you won’t need to worry about getting caught on in the slow process of passenger assembling, and once you arrive at the baggage claims, your bags too, will be among the first to appear at the conveyor belt. And now, you may be asking what the difference between Business Class and First Class is. Well, the short answer is that these days Business Class is just as good and if not even better, than Frist-Class since most airlines have added more seats and focus on Business Class. 

Business Class Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks for 2023



1- Packing by keeping in mind where your next adventure will take place, whether that will be to a sunny beach, a distant desert somewhere, urban exploration, or even climbing a mountain. Business Class will give you the luxury of more luggage space.

2- You can volunteer when a flight is overbooked. Like hotels, they also overbook in hopes that there will be no show, but it is a game of Russian roulette, and passengers do show up. When they announce volunteers, they will attempt to reward you, and that’s when you should negotiate your reward.

3- Upgrade at the last minute. Airlines are not keen on losing profit, so they often offer a better rate at the check-in counter. 



1- Staying loyal earns you miles, and with miles, you can purchase your next business class. That may be lucrative if you are a frequent jet setter. 

2- Why not go somewhere off the beaten path? By skipping the business routes such as London, Paris, and New York, you are more likely to get that free upgrade. 

3- Bid your seat! Certain airlines allow you to bid for a higher-class seat through online auction platforms.

Business Class Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks for 2023


1- An excellent way to score cheap business class tickets is to keep a constant eye on airfare sales using your methods or let deal alert newsletters help you. 

2- If you aren’t loyal to an airline, you should be. Here’s how upgrading works. Days before the flight is scheduled to take off, they begin awarding their first-class seats to their most loyal fliers, and from there, it trickles down based on your status and miles.

3- Consider one thing while eyeing a business class seat. Depending on the flight leg, purchasing a more expensive seat might only mean sitting on the premium economy in front of the plane, which lacks the luxurious business class seat.


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Dec 13, 2022

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