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Things to Know Before Booking Your Mexico All Inclusive Vacation Deals

All-inclusive vacations promise a stress-free getaway: with a single upfront payment, your main worry should ideally be just avoid sunburn. However, the truth is that such vacations can sometimes come with unexpected setbacks. To ensure your trip is as enjoyable as you dream, it's essential to engage in some research. Here are several key considerations to keep in mind before selecting an all-inclusive vacation deal in Mexico.

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Published: Jan 09, 20244 min read

Things to Know Before Booking Your Mexico All Inclusive Vacation Deals

One colleague of ours travels to Mexico twice a year because it's her favorite destination. We even called her "Mexico ambassador". So, before digging into this topic or reading other articles, I asked her for insights into choosing Mexico's all-inclusive resort deal. Here's the list of the things you should know: 

  • Location Location Location
  • Five Stars Trick
  • Avoid Tap Water
  • Average Food Unless…
  • Service or in other words - Tips

Location Location Location

Selecting the ideal all-inclusive resort in Mexico or anywhere else requires careful consideration of its location. These resorts are often isolated from local eateries, offering a secluded experience. This setup is ideal if a relaxed, self-contained vacation appeals to you. 

Most importantly, only a few think about the arrival time and the place they must reach. Just imagine that you land at 4 am and have to drive 4 hours long to your resort in Tulum. So pay attention to your flights and the distance from your airport to the resort and back. 

Following the destination topic, it’s no surprise that the Cancun Hotel Zone is specially created for tourists but is pricey at the same time. And if you look for cheaper options, it may not be very appealing. For those seeking better value for the money, we advise you to drive a bit further and stay at Playa del Carmen.

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Five Stars Trick

When you start looking for an all-inclusive deal in Mexico, you'll find out that most hotels promote themselves as five-star hotels. It's tricky and not always true unless it's a well-known and trustworthy hotel chain. Most Europeans got tricked by picking unknown, affordable five-star hotels, which are no more than three-star hotels in real life. We recommend constantly checking reviews, paying attention to place ratings, and not booking newly listed hotels. 

Avoid Tap Water

Don’t drink tap water in Mexico, even if it has been purified at the source. When you take a shower-keep your mouth closed and brush your teeth with bottled water. At any cost avoid consuming tap water. The majority of resorts and hotels offer bottled water or large dispensers of purified water for refilling your bottles. 
Drinking bottled water will ensure you will spend your time wonderfully without getting Montezuma’s Revenge.This term refers to a condition typically characterized by diarrhea, which is frequently caused by intestinal bacteria, viruses, or other microbes found in the local water or food supply of the visited country.

Things to Know Before Booking Your Mexico All Inclusive Vacation Deals- ratepunk recommendations

Average Food Unless…

On an all-inclusive vacation, the cost of your accommodation and unlimited access to food, drinks, some activities, and entertainment are included in the resort's initial booking price. However, if you are a foodie, you'll soon realize that all food tastes the same. My colleague mentioned that after many travels, she can say that all food tastes the same in every resort. However, some exceptional gourmet resorts, such as Karisma All Inclusive Resort, offer exceptional food and international drinks.  So if food is essential part for making your holidays better, look for gourmet resort. By the way, not everyone knows that most inclusive resort drinks are local. You can get international beverages but at an extra price unless it's superior gourmet accommodation. 

Service a.k.a Tips

When staying at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, being aware of the tipping customs is key for a pleasant stay for both you and the resort staff. Though not obligatory, tipping at these resorts is highly valued and serves as a thoughtful way to express your appreciation for exceptional service. Nevertheless, the fancier the all-inclusive resort is, the more tip the service expects. Yes, they can support you even without tips, but the more tips you give them, the friendlier they will be. On the other hand, in the less expensive all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, staff don’t expect constant tip flow, and they are friendly enough even with fewer tips. 

Choosing an all-inclusive resort is a fantastic way to enjoy a memorable vacation in Mexico. However, to maximize your experience, it's beneficial to conduct some research prior to finalizing your booking (and getting enthusiastic about your getaway). By taking into account these five key factors, your trip is sure to be an amazing experience.

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Jan 09, 2024

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