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TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023

Not yet. Not yet. But soon, the week of love will be here. Maybe you have a tradition celebrating Valentine's Day, or maybe you don't want to plan much. Either or, if you're looking for ways to spice up your Valentine's Day experiences in 2023, we've got a plan. So pack your bags, go to one of these romantic places, and feel that love is in the air.

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Published: Dec 22, 2022 min read

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023

We know that Christmas and New Year probably weren't wallet-friendly. So, if Valentine's Day becomes cheap and dull every year because of all the holiday gifts, we shall save your day of love in 2023. Before jumping to the 15 best romantic places to visit on Valentine’s Day in 2023, quick reminder that with Ratepunk you can save up to 50% off your wanted hotel. All you have to do is download Ratepunk for free, choose the hotel you like and the extension will display the lowest price available on the internet. Sounds good? Excellent, let's continue with the 15 best romantic places to visit on Valentine’s Day in 2023. 

#1 Venice

Keep Cupid's arrows from missing. Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a little gondola trip with your partner! By relaxing and allowing someone to row your unique selves down the canals, you can experience the city the way couples have for generations. Venice is unquestionably one of the best places to visit on Valentine's Day if you want to experience a really romantic getaway in one of Europe's most beautiful cities! But beware of the floating ambulances; they're probably carrying the men who forgot the roses.

Make your partner's evening special with a Moulin Rouge-inspired Venice Dinner Show after spending the afternoon on a guided tour of the 9th-century St. Mark's Basilica. The glistening chandeliers and antiquated statues add an added touch of grandeur to this combination of traditional meals, some crazy acrobatics, and musicians in a charming Venetian theater. At least they'll enjoy the welcome beverage and snacks served first in the foyer, even if your date doesn't notice.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#2 Budapest

Even though it may be cold outside, Budapest's hot springs are always steaming. Budapest isn't referred to as the European capital of thermal baths for nothing. Nothing is more seductive over the Valentine's Day weekend than curling up in the Széchenyi Spa's luxuriously warm water pools. Two of the most enjoyable venues to spend Valentine's Day, especially for couples, are the Palinka Museum and continuing the pleasure together while getting wasted with a typical Hungarian beverage.

Once you've unwinded, continue receiving the royal treatment with a Danube cruise. Any lingering cobwebs will be removed by live music and a wine cruise, where you can sample 7 different wines! Why not enjoy the music of Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi in a grand church if you and your partner prefer to keep things more understated and cultural? What a fantastic way to cap off such a lovely day than with an Organ Concert in St. Stephen's Basilica?

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#3 Amsterdam

It's always possible for you and your lover to wreck Amsterdam in the Red Light district, but if you have another Valentine's Day in mind, start your morning more sedately with a stroll through the Rijksmuseum. Mix with the Golden Age masters, share your envy of the 16th-century furniture that will never fit in your tiny home, and then head to the Van Gogh museum before the throng arrive. More than 200 of Vincent van Gogh's paintings, drawings, and letters are kept here.

After a morning filled with culture, cuddle up for a romantic canal boat beneath Amsterdam's charming bridges. Then, on a Historical Boat Tour, you and a knowledgeable local captain will enjoy Amsterdam from a 100-year-old boat while learning about the city's history.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#4 Paris

Without any Eiffel Tower tickets on their smartphones, no couple should visit the city of love. Visit the legendary Gustave Eiffel's apartment on an insider's tour of the imposing Parisian landmark, and then treat your eyes to unrivaled views of Montmartre, the Louvre, and of course, your beloved, who will be all cute and windswept.

This Parisian icon completes a list of Valentine's Day destinations!

If it's cold outside, get warm in the Louvre and compare your date's smile to the Mona Lisa's. On your Valentine's vacation, head to Disneyland Paris and make eyes at each other over men in Mickey Mouse suits if you'd want to rediscover your inner child. Be careful not to eat your special lunch before going on the rides.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#5 Florence

In Florence, there is a lot to make your heart race. But, if you know where to look, it's actually one of the most romantic sites in all of Europe. So, as you climb to the pinnacle of Florence Duomo, one of Florence's greatest architectural marvels, get culturally and physically fit with your significant other. The 463 steps to the top are worth seeing this triumph from the 13th and 14th centuries and all of its murals up close.

Back on the ground floor, the Uffizi Gallery has more to offer that will leave you both speechless. View chambers devoted to Caravaggio, Renaissance masterpieces including the Madonna and Child with Angels by Lippi, and more. Looking to spend a romantic evening in Florence? Return to the 18th century to experience the Medici family's realm, which ruled Florence for more than 300 years.

Visit the Selfie Museum for something unique. There, you may declare your love in a special area devoted to the imaginative reinterpretation of art, with immersive installations made by more than 400 artists from across the world. One of the top destinations for Valentine's Day in 2023, without a doubt.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#6 Prague

After a passionate breakfast and a stroll across the Charles Bridge on Valentine's Day 2023, it's time to add some passion to your Prague holiday! Join hands under your umbrellas (February may be rainy), and take a walk around the Jewish Quarter to gain a unique perspective on the struggles, customs, and lives of the Jews in Prague.

Visit the enjoyable Museum of Senses Prague to reconnect with your senses and those of your significant other. Play around with 50 various illusions that are all meant to engage your senses and bring your attention to ones you didn't even know you had. We don't know what else to call that if that isn't a prelude to your future Valentine's Day shenanigans.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#7 Rome

Put on your matching walking shoes for a Rome itinerary that we've planned. Well, not even a day. Make it a game to see how many adorable couple photos you can get while the Pope is around with your all-access Vatican Pass for the St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel. Later, decide which valuable work of art from the Borghese Gallery you'd each buy for the other if you won the lottery.

In other parts of Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo, a famous mausoleum-turned-museum, offers some breathtaking views of the Tiber. It's one of the greatest locations to visit on Valentine's Day if you want to fill your photo reels with Renaissance vibes because it is decorated with numerous Renaissance murals, paintings, and statues.

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#8 New York

This Valentine's Day, take a look at what all the hoopla is about by visiting the Empire State Building, which appears in every good New York romance at some point. View the country's best neon-lit vistas from its most recognizable structure, and don't forget that the breezy viewing decks are the ideal locations for proposals—hint, hint. Without a little bit of the Big Apple, we couldn't have a piece on places to go for Valentine's Day.

Get yourselves to the American Dream in adjacent New Jersey if you want to impress your significant other with a bit of retail therapy and first-rate entertainment. There are so many things to do, including Nickelodeon Universe, DreamWorks Water Park, and Big Snow, North America's first indoor year-round snow and ski park. You'll need more than one Valentine's Day to experience it all.

To remain in the city? You can amaze your partner with your understanding of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and contemporary art at the Guggenheim (or simply glance at the explanations quickly when they're not looking).

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#9 Barcelona

What could be better than being in Barcelona with your significant other? Well, the expression on your partner's face when you explain that the money you spent on your expedited admission tickets to the majestic Sagrada Familia will go toward completing it! That's right, your Valentine's Day gift might actually be a part of history. Gaudi would have given you a kiss if he could have. A colorful and grotesque tribute to Gaud's deranged imagination, the Serpent Bench at Park Güell is an excellent place to wrap an arm around your significant other.

Then, put on your best outfit and return to Barcelona's roots with some classic flamenco dancing and a candlelit meal at Tablao de Carmen. Mwah!

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


#10 London

The most outstanding views of the big smoke, one of England's sexiest cities, can be had from the observation decks of The View from The Shard. Points are awarded for treating a date to a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne at the bar. If you want to share some photographs of you and your new love, go to Madame Tussauds and take pictures of yourselves mingling with Einstein, Shakespeare, Dickens, the Queen, Obama, and more.

Then, pay a visit to Kensington Palace to get a closer look at the real Queen and talk about your own aspirations for the throne as you follow in the courtier footsteps of Prince William, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their children. What a Brit! A nice cup of tea and some weather whining are the only things lacking. This brings up the advice to always check the weather in London before leaving!

TOP 10 Best Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day In 2023


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