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Travel Arrow Review? Features? And Alternatives?

Browser extensions are becoming popular and very useful. If you are looking for travel extensions and want to know more about Travel Arrow and it alternatives, you need to read this blog.

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By Amir

Published: Nov 23, 2023 min read

Travel Arrow Review? Features? And Alternatives?

What is Travel Arrow, and what are browser extensions?

Browser extensions are software you add to your browser and can have different benefits. Usually, they add some value or added function to your browser and improve your experience searching the web.

So, as the title suggests, Travel Arrow is a browser extension that you can add to your browser to help you in its own certain ways.

Travel Arrow has different functions that we review in this article:

  • Flight Price Compare 
  • Hotel Reveal
  • Deal Alerts
  • Miles
  • Travel agent

Reviewing Travel Arrow Features and Introducing Alternatives

Hotel Reveal

This feature is supposed to work on Priceline and Reveal their secret deals. Well, sometimes it does!

For context, Priceline has express deals that are cheaper than normal, but the name of the hotel is hidden. You get to know some information about the hotel, like how many stars it has, breakfast, estimated address, and so on. So Travel Arrow is supposed to reveal the name of that hotel for you, but when I tried, it didn't work! (Screenshot below)

screenshot of priceline with travel arrow extension installed on it

If you want to get cheaper deals on hotels! I sincerely see the need to introduce RatePunk to you, and then, you get to choose.

RatePunk is also a browser extension that allows you to get the cheapest prices of hotels online. It works similarly to Shoopit, which I introduce to you later in this article, so wait for it.

RatePunk checks the prices of the hotels on different websites, on different IP addresses for different countries, and on mobile phone prices in order to give you the absolute cheapest rates! I don't even try to start talking about Airbnb and the Rebooking feature here; get the extension FREE and see it yourself!

screenshot of with ratepunk extension installed on it

Extra Tip:
RatePunk has recently introduced a new way of booking hotels as well. Subscription-based booking. Basically, instead of paying high commission fees to hotel booking websites, you pay a small fee to subscribe and get even cheaper rates.

Flight Price Compare

This feature is introduced as a feature that can help you find cheaper flights! That sounds really exciting! But all it does is open a new tab for you, covering Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, and (Check the screenshot below) 

screenshot of google flights with travel arrow extension installed on it
I mean, you can do it yourself as well, right? If you want cheap prices, Google Flights is already showing you all the flights, and it is very much unprobable that you can get a cheaper rate anywhere else. You can even read our guide on how to use Google Flights to find cheaper rates!

Now, what can you use instead that actually works? Ratepunk? Maybe not for this one! Although RatePunk also offers flight deals if you are interested! But as a bonus point, Use Shoopit!

This tool is actually quite impressive. You can be on almost any flight website or use their browser extension directly to check for the cheapest price available on the internet!

And really all of them! It even looks at different language versions of the same website to see if they offer cheaper flight rates! Pretty cool, I say!

But there is a downside. Of course, there is always a downside. It takes a lot of time for the tool to check out all the websites and their language versions, which does make sense, but you need to be VERY patient.

Deal Alerts

“TravelArrow deal alerts will popup with deals that are relavent to the travel site you are on so you always get the best price.”

That's what they wrote about the deal alerts on their website, and it's pretty self-explanatory. I say a better way for you to see those deals is by looking at their browser extension instead of going around hoping you find a deal!

At the time I am writing this article, they have several deals. In my opinion, some are worth it, and some are not! For example: “30% Off Hotels on Expedia” for Expedia Black Friday is good because it redirects you to the Expedia website, where you can see the deals.

But others, such as “Free $25-$75 Gift Card” are just not as easy to retrieve because they need you to book an appointment with their travel agent and plan your trip with them, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. 

TravelArrow Miles

The idea is simple. Get cashback on your purchases and use them to travel. And I like the idea, but as you don't know which products bring you miles, you need to get lucky here.

Unless you shop online A LOT and you have a big chance to get something, then there is a small chance for you to get cashback. If you are looking for a similar feature, you should probably check out the Honey browser extension instead.

There you go! A review of Travel Arrow Features and better Alternatives you can use! Check them all out and decide what works best for you; after all, they're all FREE!

Nov 23, 2023

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