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Vistara vs. Indigo Airlines

India's aviation market is bustling with competitors, and amongst them, Vistara and Indigo Airlines are two of the most famous names. Both airlines have carved niches for themselves in the country’s highly competitive aviation sector. However, how do they stack up against each other?

Vistara vs. Indigo Airlines

Before comparing both airlines, I just want to inform that Vistara and IndiGo are only representatives from India in the global top 100 airlines list. Vistara moved up from the 20th position in 2022 to secure the 16th spot this year, while IndiGo improved its rank from 45th to 43rd. These rankings were presented by Skytrax.

Hubs & Destinations

VISTARA Main Hub. Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi). Vistara uses Delhi as its primary hub for domestic and international operations.
VISTARA Destinations. As of my last update, Vistara flies to over 43 domestic destinations within India. Internationally, they have expanded their operations to serve several destinations in countries such as the UAE, Singapore, Thailand, and more.
IndiGo Main Hubs. IndiGo operates from multiple key hubs across India, with primary ones being Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi), Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad), Kempegowda International Airport (Bangalore), and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai).
IndiGo Destinations. IndiGo has an extensive domestic network, covering more than 60 destinations within India. On the international front, they serve over 40 destinations across Asia and the Middle East, including places like Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and more. 

While both airlines operate from major Indian cities, IndiGo has a more extensive network, given its larger fleet and the number of years it's been in operation. Vistara, though younger, has been rapidly expanding its network, especially on international routes, leveraging its full-service model. IndiGo's extensive domestic coverage gives it an edge for pan-Indian operations, while Vistara aims to provide a premium experience on both domestic and international routes.

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IndiGo Wins

Vistara. Given its full-service airline model, Vistara's ticket prices reflect the enhanced amenities and services they offer. This is particularly evident in their business and premium economy segments, where passengers enjoy a heightened level of comfort, spacious seating, and gourmet meals, among other perks. It means that Vistara provides a tiered pricing structure, allowing passengers to choose from economy, premium economy, and business class. While the economy class offers competitive rates, the premium segments are priced higher due to the added benefits.

Loyalty Perks: Members of Vistara's frequent flyer program, Club Vistara, might find better fare deals, bonus points, and exclusive offers, especially if they’re loyal and frequent travelers with the airline.

IndiGo -  budget friendly airline. Staying true to its low-cost carrier model, IndiGo has mastered the art of offering competitive and budget-friendly fares. Their primary focus is to provide affordable air travel without compromising on punctuality and service efficiency. IndiGo is renowned for its seasonal promotions, flash sales, and early bird offers. Savvy travelers often snag excellent deals by booking during these promotional periods.

IndiGo's loyalty program, 6E Rewards, allows passengers to earn and redeem points. Members can benefit from exclusive discounts, cashback offers, and priority services, making the overall fare more cost-effective for frequent flyers.

Comparison: The contrasting pricing strategies of Vistara and IndiGo mirror their brand positioning in the market. Vistara aims to provide a more comfortable and seamless flying experience, and its pricing structure supports this promise. On the other hand, IndiGo, while ensuring quality service, centers its value proposition around affordability, making air travel accessible to a broader segment of the population.

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Vistara wins

Vistara. As a reflection of its full-service model, Vistara treats its passengers to complimentary meals and beverages across all travel classes. Whether it's a short domestic route or a longer international one, travelers can expect a curated menu of delightful dishes.

On select aircraft, Vistara offers an advanced in-flight entertainment system, offering passengers a range of movies, music, TV shows, and games. This service further emphasizes their commitment to a comprehensive and luxurious flying experience. Moreover, depending on the travel class, Vistara also provides amenity kits, spacious legroom, and personalized services, enhancing the overall comfort of the journey.

IndiGo. Aligned with its low-cost model, IndiGo operates on a pay-as-you-eat basis. Passengers have the flexibility to choose from a varied menu, including both snacks and full meals, but these come at an additional cost. Also, there is no in-flight entertainment. To keep costs low and operations efficient, IndiGo doesn't provide traditional in-flight entertainment systems. However, passengers can indulge in their collection of in-flight magazines for some light reading.

While Vistara leans towards offering a holistic and premium travel experience with an array of complimentary services, IndiGo focuses on maintaining affordability, giving passengers the choice to avail services based on their preferences and budget. 

Vistara vs. Indigo Airlines: Which one to choose?

Choosing between Vistara and Indigo boils down to what you value more: a premium experience or affordability. Vistara is your go-to if you're looking for a more refined flying experience with added comforts. In contrast, Indigo is perfect for those seeking cost-effective, efficient, and punctual service. Both airlines, however, are robust competitors in the Indian aviation market and cater to the diverse needs of Indian travelers.

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Oct 19, 2023

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