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Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA

With 2024 on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about where to welcome the New Year. You can celebrate New Year's Eve in many places, but the energy and excitement in some US cities are unmatched. Here are our top picks for an unforgettable New Year's celebration in USA

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Published: Nov 03, 2023 min read

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA

Places for New Year Eve 2024 in the USA:

  1. New York City
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Chicago 
  5. Miami 
  6. Austin 
  7. New Orlean
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Sacramento
  10. Manitou Springs

The Times Square – New York City 

There's nothing quite like New Year's Eve in NYC. Times Square, with its electrifying energy, is where I first witnessed the iconic ball drop. The iconic ball drop is a century-old tradition that has become synonymous with the New Year. This glowing sphere, adorned with Waterford crystals, marks the final seconds of the year. It's a moment that captures the hearts of millions around the world. Moreover, the city is alive with shows, street parties, and that unmistakable New York vibe. If you're looking for the classic New Year's Eve experience, this is it.

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA  - Las Vegas Beauty - featured by ratepunk

Sparkling City – Las Vegas 

Las Vegas transforms into the ultimate New Year's Eve destination with its world-renowned reputation for entertainment and lights. As the strip shuts down to traffic, it becomes a massive street party where the neon lights and dazzling fireworks create a backdrop like no other. The city's casinos and hotels compete to host the most extravagant celebrations, with top-notch entertainers and DJs elevating the revelry to new heights. Every corner offers a different thrill, from opulent nightclubs to high-energy concerts, ensuring that there's something for everyone. 

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Los Angeles - shared by ratepunk travel blog

City Of Stars - Los Angeles 

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Los Angeles is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of glitzy events and laid-back beach vibes. The city offers various celebrations to suit any style, from chic rooftop parties with panoramic views of the cityscape to family-friendly events at the LA Zoo. Hollywood’s clubs throw star-studded events where you might just brush shoulders with celebrities. For music lovers, there are countless concerts and live music venues showcasing everything from big-name bands to indie artists. If you’re after something more serene, the California coastline provides a perfect backdrop for a beach bonfire celebration under the stars. It’s up to you to decide how you want to welcome the upcoming 2024!

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Navy Pier in Chicago - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Navy Pier, Chicao

Navy Pier in Chicago is a beloved spot for ringing in the New Year due to its spectacular fireworks display over Lake Michigan. As the clock strikes midnight, the sky lights up with vibrant colors, reflecting off the water and creating a magical atmosphere. That’s why party boats & cruises are so popular. The Pier offers a variety of indoor and outdoor festivities, from elegant galas to family-friendly activities, making it an ideal location for everyone to celebrate the onset of the New Year.

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Miami - shared by ratepunk travel blog


One more place to go for New Years Eve is Miami. Traditional festivities in Miami often include dining at one of the city's renowned restaurants, many of which offer special New Year's Eve menus and champagne toasts. After a delicious meal, the beaches come alive with throngs of people gathering to watch fireworks displays. Ocean Drive in South Beach becomes a hot spot, with its street parties, outdoor music, and a view of the fireworks bursting over the Atlantic.

One of the best places to experience New Year's Eve in Miami is Bayfront Park, where the annual "Big Orange" event takes place, culminating in a spectacular countdown to midnight, followed by a grand fireworks show over Biscayne Bay. What's more, the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel hosts lavish poolside parties with famous live DJs, while the W South Beach offers rooftop soirées with panoramic views of the ocean and city skyline.

Miami's boat parties are another unique tradition, where revelers can hop aboard a variety of cruise options, offering dinner, dancing, and unparalleled views of the midnight fireworks from the water. As the night unfolds, nightclubs in the Wynwood Arts District and Brickell throw extravagant parties, often featuring celebrity appearances and performances that last until the early hours of the morning.

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Some time ago, we asked our readers, followers, and experts to share their recommendations for New Year's Eve in the USA.  We received quite a lot but picked the most interesting ones. Here are their suggestions:

  • Celebrate with Austin's Music and Fireworks
  • Experience New Orleans' Unique Traditions
  • Enjoy Cleveland's Cultural Offerings
  • Party in Authentic Philadelphia
  • Discover Sacramento's Vibrant Nightlife
  • Explore  Manitou Springs
Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Austin - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Celebrate with Austin's Music and Fireworks

Travel Blogger Jo Larsen suggests that the perfect place to celebrate New Year's Eve in 2024 could be Austin, Texas. This booming city is packed with plenty of exciting things to do and see. From catching an eclectic show at the famous music venue, Stubb's BBQ, or indulging in traditional Texan cuisine at Salt Lick BBQ, to exploring picturesque nature trails and local art galleries, there's something for everyone in Austin.

On top of that, Austin is home to one of the most spectacular fireworks displays around—called Thunder Over Cedar Park. The show features a stunning array of colorful explosions set against the backdrop of a large lake near downtown Austin. Be sure to head over to 6th Street for some great live music venues, like Antone's Nightclub or White Horse Saloon, where you can find excellent entertainment year-round. And if you enjoy craft beer or fancy cocktails, East Side King Food Trailers can offer up some delicious drinks with their unique culinary masterpieces made by award-winning chefs. You can find more recommendations on Jo’s blog → Best Family Beach Vacations

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - New Orlean - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Experience New Orleans' Unique Traditions

Elijah Puzhakov, CCO and Project Manager of Restaurant Ji, shared a delicious suggestion for New Years Eve. Consider heading to the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. One unique restaurant to enjoy a special New Year's Eve dinner is Commander's Palace, renowned for its haute Creole cuisine and attentive service. On New Year's Eve, they usually offer a special multi-course menu with live jazz music, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. In terms of local attractions, you won't want to miss the famous fireworks show over the Mississippi River or the exciting Fleur De Lis drop at Jackson Square, both iconic New Year's Eve traditions in the city. Additionally, the lively street parties and performances in the French Quarter provide plenty of entertainment to ring in the new year.

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Philadelphia - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Party in Authentic Philadelphia

Trevor Ewen, COO of QBench, states,  “I've never had a bad time in Philadelphia. This is despite the fact that I live in New York City, which is the "place to be" in so many respects. Philadelphia is a little less pretentious. The food is incredible. The people like to party, and there are so many cool places to go. I recommend it to everyone, and I know that New Year's Eve in Philly would be a great time.” 

One of the centerpieces of Philadelphia's New Year's Eve celebration is the spectacular fireworks display over the Delaware River Waterfront. This display can be viewed from multiple locations, such as Penn's Landing and the historic district, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy the bright colors reflecting over the water. 

Philadelphia also hosts the Mummers Parade, a unique event held on New Year's Day, which has become as much a part of the city's holiday traditions as the New Year's Eve festivities themselves. The parade features colorful costumes, lively music, and performances by various Mummers clubs, a tradition dating back to the 17th century.

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Sacramento - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Discover Sacramento's Vibrant Nightlife

Sacramento, CA, is an incredibly underrated city, in my opinion. Since the pandemic, affluent Bay Area remote workers have poured into Sacramento for its affordable housing. As a result, Sacramento has seen a boom in events, development of the art scene, new bars and restaurants, and a lot more. Basically, money has been pouring in since COVID hit, and it has made Sacramento a really happening place. 

The Midtown district has a zillion cool bars, from new speakeasies to hip back-alley breweries, and downtown isn’t a ghost town anymore. And since the city finished construction of the Golden 1 Arena (the Kings' new arena), there have been shows booked out every weekend. Sacramento has definitely changed from a sleepy little capital city to an up-and-coming cosmopolitan city”,- comments John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight.

Where to Go For New Years 2024 USA - Manitou Springs  - shared by ratepunk travel blog

Explore Manitou Springs

For an uncommon and unique spot to celebrate New Year's 2024, Manitou Springs, Colorado, is an underrated yet special option. Located near Colorado Springs and the majestic Rocky Mountains, Manitou Springs not only offers incredible vistas but also plenty of interesting places to explore. From quirky antique stores and local art galleries to nature trails and adventure activities like rafting and jeeping, you won't run out of options here. 

As for entertainment, don't miss the city's colorful parades, including the famous Lighted Miner’s Parade in December, as well as performances at venues such as The Business of Art Center Gallery & Theater. With its charming small-town atmosphere combined with a diverse collection of activities year-round, Manitou Springs promises a memorable NYE experience” - added Michael Alexis, CEO of  Virtual Team Building.

Each city has its own unique charm and way of celebrating. From the East Coast to the West, the US is a mosaic of New Year's festivities. So pack your bags, pick a city, and get ready to shout "Happy New Year!"

What's your favorite New Year's destination? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, tell me where I should go next!

Nov 03, 2023

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