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20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023

Looking for cheap travel tips? You're at the right place. It's really thrilling that the world is starting to open up again. Goods are still out of balance after the pandemic that 2020 delivered, which makes some things strangely costly. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be for travel!

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Published: Dec 16, 2022 min read

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023

#1 Go to Countries with No COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Tests

Yes, there are still certain countries with Covid19 travel limitations. In fact, several countries are still totally closed, while Japan only recently reopened its borders to visitors.

Doublecheck Covid restrictions by departure country here.


#2 Look for Happy Hour / Discount Drinks at Local Corner Stores

Dear me, lanta! The hack of the century is this one. We realize that getting drinks while you out have its place. However, whether they are alcoholic or not, beverages almost always ruin a budget.

Look for special offers and cheap beverages at your neighborhood shops. For example,  in Mexico, buying at the neighborhood convenience store allows you to get three large drinks for less than the cost of one beer at a restaurant.

This is a fantastic way to sample new drinks as well! Just order whatever beverage is available, and you may quickly sample all the regional favorites!

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023


#3 Eat Breakfast In

The price of breakfast may be the highest ever. But, if you stop thinking about it, a simple breakfast of fruit, cereal, or oatmeal is all you need. Even eggs and potatoes, dang it!

Making these things at home or purchasing yogurt with fresh fruit in single servings each morning is significantly less expensive than ordering breakfast at a restaurant.


#4 Eat Where the Locals Eat (no English menus)

English menus are frequently a huge red flag for pricey, poor-quality cuisine. While exploring a city or town, keep an eye out for where and when the natives are eating out to avoid being hangry! This will provide insight into their general dining habits and is typically a good indicator of whether a restaurant is good.

Some locations, such as Argentina, have a nap hour (or three) in the middle of the day, forcing all nearby restaurants to close during "regular American dinner hours." The same is true in Europe, where many eateries close for a while before opening for a late dinner.


#5 Make Your Own "Tours"

Today's tour prices are beyond unbelievable. While joining a tour does have its place and time, you can usually do a DIY tour instead. For instance, rather than shelling out more than USD 50 per person for a taco tour, you can undertake a DIY Taco Tour in Mexico.

You may frequently look at what major tour operators are offering and then arrange your own travel and "tour" on your own!

As an alternative, research cost-free walking trips. Many large cities provide free neighborhood tours (typically in exchange for tips). It's a fantastic way to make new friends and establish your roots in the area.


#6 Walk Where You Can

A great method to really explore new areas is to walk around them. And to be honest, you'll be shocked at how "walkable" many places are!

We frequently discover hidden gems and the nicest eateries when we choose to walk rather than take a bus or train.

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023


#7 Take Local Transportation When You Can't Walk

Of course, walking isn't always an option, but don't worry—you don't simply have the pricey option of taking a cab. Instead, taking the train, underground, or bus are excellent choices in large cities. To find out how to use public transportation to get from point A to point B, check out the Rome2Rio app!


#8 Shop Around Before Buying

Shop around before purchasing if you forgot something when packing or simply intended to get it when you arrive. For example, when hunting for sunscreen, we discovered that the cost of identical bottles varied between stores by almost $5!

Buying souvenirs? Likewise, shop around for them. Also, don't be hesitant to purchase souvenirs from grocery stores! For example, at a Walmart in Utah, there's a fantastic range of items for the Utah National Parks at costs far lower than those in and around the parks.

Avoid the touristy areas when seeking goods to buy, we strongly advise! All of those are pricey and frequently sell counterfeit goods.


#9 Use a Travel Credit Card + Pay in Local Currency

Using a travel credit card might help you avoid paying foreign transaction fees. And the best part is that using a travel credit card saves you money on fees and accrues points you can use to get free stuff!

Our recommendation: the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. The free travel insurance provided for trips paid for with a credit card is a significant advantage that will save you money on insurance!

Always choose local currency when given a choice between it and your native currency. You receive a poor exchange rate when you choose to pay in your native currency, and as you might expect, there are expenses associated with the currency conversion as well.


#10 Pack a Reusable Water Bottle

Bringing a reusable water bottle with you is the smart move, regardless of where you are, whether the water is bad to drink, or if you have to pay for it when you go outside in Europe.

You're protecting the environment and your wallet at the same time! That is a win-win situation!


#11 Look for Long Stays with Discounted Rates

The greatest affordable travel advice for 2023 may be to extend your vacation and reserve extra stays. Of course, we are aware that not everyone is able to take the full amount of time off from work or take extended vacations. But at some locations, even just making a full-week reservation delivers a considerably better deal than paying each night.

In other cases, booking a complete week or month and not even staying the entire time is really less expensive. Hello, clever travel deal!

Consider renting for an entire month if you're going somewhere like Mexico. We discovered that monthly rentals cost about $350-$400. (in the off-season). Much more affordable than making weekly reservations.

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023


#12 Eat, Sleep, and Shop Away from Tourists' Zones

With so many souvenirs and goods pouring out of doorways and hanging from vendors, tourist areas are simple to identify. Avoid the tourist area for dining, shopping, and even sleeping when traveling on a budget. Just a few streets away from the big tourist areas, you'll be astonished at how affordable everything has become.


#13 Eat the Local Food Instead of What You’re Used To

In most circumstances, going grocery shopping while traveling is a fantastic way to save money. However, if you go to a store and want to buy everything you normally buy at home, you'll probably wind up spending more money than if you had simply gone out.

To save a lot of money, shop at local stores and stock up on local dairy products, flavors, and produce.


#14 Use WiFi or A Local SIM Card Instead Of Your Home Plan

Sincere to say, we like to only connect to the outside world when we have WiFi while traveling. We like just to use the internet when there is WiFi so that we are not tempted to publish things all the time or to rely solely on our phones for everything.

But not everyone experiences that, and it occasionally can be really inconvenient. It is recommended to obtain a local SIM card from a convenience store or neighborhood phone provider in those circumstances.



#15 Book Your Stays After Checking With Ratepunk 

Checking your hotel price with Ratepunk is how you always find cheap deals on accommodation. We hope you pay a fair price for 2023 vacations. 

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#16 Look for Meal Deals

Menu del Dia. Menu of the day. £3 meal deals. There are practically many meals offers available all around the world. Finding them and consuming the daily menu is a terrific way to eat like a local.

You ask, "What is "Menu of the Day"?" Simple and inexpensive, it changes depending on the day and the restaurant. They frequently come with a soup, a main dish, and a dessert or beverage. And always have great rates! This was our favorite way to eat when traveling in South America, and it's been interesting to come across it in other countries like Poland, Scotland, and Mexico as well!


#17 Be Flexible with Your Days of Travel

Many claims that the best flights may be found when flying in the middle of the week. And while that might be the case sometimes, our opinion is that getting the best flights truly comes down to having flexible travel dates.

For example, you can look at a pricing map for a month with Momondo and then purchase tickets on the days that are the least expensive for that month. You can easily save a few hundred dollars for every ticket because it's so simple.

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023


#18 Travel Carry-on Only

We strongly suggest only bringing a carry-on when traveling. When flying with smaller airlines, such as those in Europe or Thailand, you can practically save hundreds of dollars by only bringing a carry-on bag. However, it's usually far less expensive not to carry luggage when flying with large carriers.

Don't worry; if you're concerned that your toiletries will prevent you from traveling with a carry-on, we've got you covered. Check out Ultimate Guide To Baggage Allowance


#19 Shop Around Before Exchanging Money

Don't just go to the first place you see. For example, avoid exchanging money at the airport and compare prices.

We'll also mention that people frequently claim that it is less expensive to withdraw cash from an ATM than to carry foreign currency for exchange. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and in Mexico, for instance, the ATM rates and fees were far higher than merely converting the cash you might have.

20 Cheap Travel Tips For 2023


#20 Consider Camping or Campervan Rentals

Depending on where you're going, renting a campervan can be the most cost-effective option. Campervans are a terrific option for locations where you'll probably be hiring a car anyhow, like Scotland and Iceland.

Get a campervan to do two tasks at once rather than renting a car and paying for lodging each night!


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Dec 16, 2022

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