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14 Airbnb Tips for Hosts - How to Become an Airbnb SuperHost [2023]

How to become a super host? There are simple and expert tips you can follow to become one. Here we go through some of the tips for hosts to list their property in the best way and get the best reviews.

14 Airbnb Tips for Hosts - How to Become an Airbnb SuperHost [2023]

Clear and Accurate Listings with Accurate High-Quality Pictures

The first thing the user sees from your property is the information you provided, alongside the pictures. It is very important the information is as accurate as possible. Why? Because you might be tempted to provide some information that is not correct but is appealing to the user, you need to consider that the guest will have the option to put a review on your property after the stay.

It is recommended to put accurate information and recent pictures that would provide a better guest experience and would lead to a better review.

Not having accurate Airbnb listings has caused many people to choose Hotels over Airbnb.

Provide Essential Amenities

Stock your property with all the necessary amenities, such as toiletries, towels, bed linens, and basic kitchen supplies.

Always consider putting something extra for the guest to make their stay more enjoyable. Some coffee, tea, chocolate, or anything else that can make their stay more interesting will lead to a better experience for them and will not cost you a lot. Worthy to mention that the type of Airbnb Accommodation you have will affect the quality of amenities you should provide for the guest.

You can also read our Airbnb Tips for Guests, as it can be helpful for you to know what guests consider and pay attention to.

Essential amenities for airbnb such as towel, soup

Clean and Well-Maintained Property

There is no doubt that cleaning and maintaining the property is a very important factor in having a satisfied guest. You need to check your property for any damages that might regularly have happened, such as broken chairs, beds, not well-functioning drawers, etc.

Also, you need to look out for your amenities to be full, as it is not nice to have empty jars of coffee or salt left for the guests. 

Personalized Touches

This tip is for the hosts that are willing to go the extra mile and provide some extraordinary experience for their guests. These personalized touches can be anything, such as putting some extra nice candles in the room, extra pillows and blankets, welcome notes, or welcome baskets.

If you have connections with local businesses or tour guides, you could offer your guests tickets with discounted offers or packages so they can explore the area in a unique way.

Local Tips and Recommendations

As most of the guests are basically tourists that are probably new to your city and maybe even country, and you are the local one, you can use this chance to share your city expertise with them.

You can give them tips on where to go, what to eat, where to eat, what attractions to see, and many more.

Put instruction notes

The chances are that some of the guests wouldn't know how to use a new washing machine, stove, or any other electric equipment at your place. You can leave notes near these facilities to make it easier for them to use them.

Or you can go one step further and make a small notebook with all the instructions for everything.

Flexibility and Accommodation

Be flexible as possible and try to accommodate guests wherever. In a lot of situations, the guest might not arrive at the most convenient time of the day, and sometimes they might need an extra hour to check out from the place.

Try to be flexible as possible so they feel relaxed and would want to stay at your place again.

Clear House Rules

As you are the owner of the place, you may want to have some specific rules for the guests. These rules can be connected to the property or even the neighborhood.

It is important that you communicate these rules with your guests clearly, so they know what to expect before coming to your property. This way, you can avoid any miscommunicating and inconveniences that might occur.

Organize a Smooth Check-in

Nowadays, most of the properties on Airbnb have self-check-ins which are great for the guests as they can easily access the house. Well, this is true, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact location of the property or the right door. Also, meeting the guests for a short time when they are checking in, just to show them around the place, can be a nice way to welcome them to the property.

Any way that you choose for your guests to check in, make sure it goes smoothly and easily for them. Guests coming from far places can be very tired upon arrival and would really appreciate a smooth check-in.

Safety and Security

Is Airbnb Safe for Guests? This is a question that is being asked a lot, especially because there are many horror stories out there about Airbnb. Therefore it is essential for you to provide an experience for your guest where they can feel absolutely safe. 

One part of the safety feature comes from the facilities inside the property, such as providing a good lock, fire safety equipment, alarms and etc. 

The second part comes from the host, which is you. Make sure you do not go to the property before notifying the guest beforehand and try to answer their queries as soon as possible so they will feel safer.

Closeup of a woman's finger entering password code on the smart digital touch screen keypad entry door lock in front of the room.

Getting Help from Friends

With the rise of Airbnb and many people joining to make some extra money, professional property manager people got involved. You can get help from them to manage your property, from providing all the amenities to communicating with the guests and so on.

If you do not want to use any professional property manager, you can always get help from your friends, family, or someone you know and trust. There are many co-hosted properties listed on Airbnb nowadays. 

Creating a Routine

According to Airbnb itself, creating a routine can be very helpful when it comes to managing your property. it can help you keep track of how much time you put into communicating with the guests, or you can save some messages in your Airbnb dashboard for common questions to use again. 

it is also a good idea to buy your amenities in build or get some sort of subscription from a market where they will regularly send you the amenities you need.

Play with the Price

Don't just choose a price and never change it! You have plenty of room to increase or decrease the price based on many factors, such as seasonality. 

This will have a direct effect on your occupancy, which can make your property even more popular among many people.

Guest Feedback and Improvements

You will constantly get feedback from your guests. Sometimes these feedbacks are good, and sometimes, they are not the best. Make sure you use this feedback for improvements in your hosting, as they are a great resource for knowing what the guests want in their stays.

Let us know if you have any questions. The comment section is just below…

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Jun 02, 2023

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