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Airbnb Tips For Guests - 13 Tricks To Get the Best Place

There are many accommodation options, from hotels to Airbnb rentals. Despite that, each of us has some preferences and amenities our vacay-accommodation must have, and sometimes it is just so hard to choose the right place for your holidays. After many rentals, I’d like to share a list of my top Airbnb tips for guests and how to select the perfect Airbnb.

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By Eglė

Published: Jun 05, 2023 min read

Airbnb Tips For Guests -  13 Tricks To Get the Best Place

1. Write Down What You Need

Before starting looking for Airbnb Rental, think carefully about what you want and what must be in your Airbnb rental. Do you want to rent an entire place or room and stay in someone’s shared home? Do you need a washing machine? What cooking facilities are a must? Will you be eating out lots and a kitchenette will do, or would you prefer a full kitchen? Are you focused on staying in the specific area of the city? Is a balcony a must or can you easily live without it? How about the parking space? And what’s your budget? You better think about all of these things, write it down and only then start looking.

2. Where Are You Staying? 

When planning a trip, having a preferred area or location where you want to stay would be convenient. For instance, if you are considering Paris, ask yourself if you would like to be close to the Jardin du Luxembourg in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area or maybe in charming Montmartre or even the bustling Bastille. If you are focused on visiting famous attractions, look for the most convenient place to stay so you can easily reach all interests with the metro. 

If you need help determining where to begin, you can initiate a city-wide search and observe clusters of Airbnbs, as these areas often indicate high popularity. This way, you may find a super cozy rental with a great neighborhood. You may also choose the type of Airbnb accommodation you are looking for.

3. Make Good Use of the Search Filters

After your list is finished, filter out all the rentals on Airbnb. Start by setting crucial filters such as the dates, price range, and the number of travelers, including children and infants. Determine whether you prefer a shared home or an entire place for rent.

Further refine your search by specifying the desired number of bedrooms, beds, and bathrooms. Additionally, you can outline specific amenities and facilities you need, ranging from a kitchen to a hot tub to a washing machine or working space. Trust me, it’s very important, especially if you are going to work there. Also, you should indicate if you plan to bring pets or require a smoking-friendly environment. Finally, select hosts who can communicate in a particular language if necessary.

Airbnb Tips For Guests - Tricks To Get the Best Place - Use filters - RatePunk

4.Search for Superhosts 

Superhosts are individuals recognized by Airbnb for their exceptional hospitality. To attain superhost status, hosts must have accommodated a minimum of 10 guests, maintain an average review score of 4.8 or higher, exhibit a 90% response rate, and maintain a cancellation rate below 1%. When browsing through listings, you can filter and display only superhosts, which can be a convenient method for narrowing down high-quality listings. However, there are numerous exceptional Airbnbs without the official superhost designation because they might have just started renting or rents apartments not frequently. 

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it is also beneficial to consider staying at Airbnb Plus or Luxe.

5. Don’t Trust Pictures Blindly 

Some rental listings feature professional-looking photos, while others may display homemade ones based on the owner's photography skills. Interesting fact: Airbnb offers a photography service to hosts, but not all have taken advantage of it. 

You shouldn't immediately skip property with poor-quality pictures. If everything is okay, go to reviews and learn about previous guest experiences. The flat may be super comfy, but the photographic skills couldn't show it. Likewise, professional pictures can also be misleading because it highlights the best features; the room might appear larger in pictures than in photos. Therefore, more than reading reviews is needed to understand the rental size better. You should also carefully examine the images and pay attention to the angles of separate areas, details, and flat items. 

6. Read the Description Accurately

Read the description a few times and very carefully. This part is essential since the hosts often highlight the most important information, peculiarities of the property, and the items in the rental. For example, only a few travelers want to use an outdoor and compostable toilet even though they want to stay in eco homes. Also, hosts tend to highlight shared areas, potential noise from streets, available parking options, and other practical things. By carefully reading the description, you can gather essential details and make informed decisions about the property's suitability for your needs and preferences. And if someone is missing but it was mentioned in the description, you have a full right to ask for it or compensation. 

Airbnb Tips For Guests - Tricks To Get the Best Place RatePunk

7. Check Reviews

The reviews on an Airbnb listing hold a huge significance. From a few reviews, you can understand the comfort of the place; people can be alert to any unmentioned issue. Personally, when I was looking for a workation rental, I found some reviews saying that the property is located on a noisy street while it wasn't mentioned in the description. Bless those guests who leave reviews, not only stars. 

Moreover, please pay attention to comments regarding the cleanliness of the place, its location, and the hospitality and communication of the hosts. It's important to remember that individuals have different standards, so if only one person out of a hundred has complained about something, it might not be as severe as they make it out to be. Hosts also have the option to respond to reviews, so it can be worthwhile to read their replies.

8. Read “Things to know” aka Rules 

Reviewing the "Things to know" section thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant surprises is crucial. There you will find out about the house rules, including policies for check-in and check-out, permissions for children, infants, and pets, and any other specific regulations for the property. The list of specific rules is important as it highlights your responsibilities as a guest. Yes, that's right; in some Airbnb rentals, guests must clean their dishes, dispose of trash, refrain from playing loud music, or refrain from conducting photoshoots. 

9. Message Your Hosts Before You Book

If you have doubts or unanswered questions that are not addressed in the listing, don't hesitate to send a message to the host. This not only helps you obtain the necessary information but also provides an opportunity to check the host's level of hospitality. Keep in mind that a rude or unwelcoming response may discourage you from proceeding with a booking, whereas friendliness and helpfulness can positively influence your decision

Airbnb Tips For Guests - Tricks To Get the Best Place - Price Negotiation - RatePunk

10. You CAN Negotiate The Price

Even though it does not always work, it is worth considering, particularly for extended stays lasting a week or more or long-term stays. You can directly reach out to the host and explore the possibility of negotiating a special price if you believe it to be justified (especially if you found some flaws about the rental in reviews). This approach is something I often do when arranging long-term accommodations.

11.Pay Attention to Fees and Discounts

If you search on Airbnb without specifying dates, the prices displayed in the search results will reflect the lowest available rates. However, this can be misleading if you plan to travel during a specific period when prices tend to be significantly higher. Therefore it is important to include your desired dates in the search.

In addition to the nightly rate, two or three additional costs will be added to your reservation. These include a cleaning fee, an Airbnb service fee, and potentially occupancy tax and other fees, depending on your travel destination.

These additional fees can vary significantly, particularly the cleaning fee. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully review the final price of your reservation rather than focusing solely on the nightly rate listed in the initial search. I have noticed particularly high cleaning fees when traveling in the United States and "discounts" on some weekly rentals in Europe, while the cleaning fees were even higher than the discounts I got. 

You can also learn how to avoid paying Airbnb service fees.

Airbnb Tips For Guests - Tricks To Get the Best Place - negotiate the price - RatePunk

12. Check the Host Profile

Check the host's profile to understand better who you will be renting from. This can reveal helpful information, such as the host having other similar properties that may better suit your preferences. Additionally, it allows you to check the other rental reviews and see if an individual or an agency manages the property. While there is nothing wrong with renting from the agency, renting from an individual, especially when it involves an extension of their own home, tends to offer a more authentic and low-impact experience, which is my preferred option.

13. Do Not Overlook New Listings

Yes, you can be confident in renting a place with many good reviews, but sometimes you should also consider renting a new listing with limited or no checks. These listings often present excellent opportunities to secure great deals. New hosts are aware that their listing needs to establish credibility with reviews, prompting them to initially set their prices lower and be friendlier to give the best experience to guests and receive a good review. Although you will rely solely on photos, descriptions, and communication with the host to decide such cases, the potential rewards can be well worth it. 

Jun 05, 2023

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