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RatePunk CASHBACK: how does it work & what do you need to know?

Earn money by... spending it on hotels. RatePunk CASHBACK is exactly for that. It’s our FREE REWARDS PROGRAM. Every time you book with Cashback activated, we award you with RatePunk coins.

RatePunk CASHBACK: how does it work & what do you need to know?

How does it work? 

✅ You install RatePunk for free here 👉

✅ You create a personal RatePunk account. 

Every user will get 10 free coins just for joining the RatePunk cashback: 5 for creating an account and another 5 for activating it. 

✅ You open one of the major booking websites & book your wanted hotel as per usual. 

After booking by participating providers with the RatePunk browser extension, you get a chance to earn points on your purchases.

✅ You get notified about how many RatePunk coins you earned towards cashback.

The amount you’ll receive depends on the complete booking value.

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✅ Track your cashback in your dashboard. 

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Here you’ll see all the information about it. 

1 - Total Balance. You can see how many coins you already have and how many more you need to get your cashback. 

2 - Transactions. Here you can see the stage your cashback is in - whether it’s pending, confirmed, or canceled (if the stay wasn’t completed, for example). 

3 - Payouts. Here is the section where you’ll see all the cashback that you’ve already received. 

4 - FAQ. This one’s there if you need some general answers ASAP. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to hit us up with that via


When a benchmark of 100 coins is reached, the $10 cashback can be redeemed. In your dashboard, click the REDEEM BALANCE button & wait until it reaches your account! 

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FAQ answered:

  • Will it cost me anything?

RatePunk cashback is completely free to activate, and there won't be any charges whatsoever.

  • When will I actually get my cashback?

Cashback should appear on your user account page within 7 days of booking, but it usually isn't ready to withdraw straight away. We need to wait until you complete your stay before we can confirm your cashback, and then once the provider has paid us the commission for your stay, we'll make your cashback 'payable' and ready to withdraw and spend.

  • What payout methods are available?

Withdrawing your cashback rewards is easy - we transfer money straight to your PayPal account.

Together with cashback, RatePunk also has a load of other cool & free benefits you didn’t know you needed: 

  • You always find the lowest hotel price online (RatePunk price comparison).
  • You can compare Airbnb prices & skip their fees (RatePunk Airbnb feature). Psst, 1st in the 🌍!
  • You see the most accurate hotel ratings (RateScore).
  • You get informed if the price of your booked hotel drops (RatePunk rebooking).
  • AND way more coming… Want to see what’s next? 

Apr 26, 2023

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