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RatePunk REBOOKING: rebook your hotel if the price drops

Imagine you book a hotel and later see its price drop by $50. If only someone had sent you a notification, you would have surely rebooked…

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By Aistė

Published: May 04, 20231 min read

RatePunk REBOOKING: rebook your hotel if the price drops

Today is your lucky day! 

Meet one of the main RatePunk features - RatePunk Rebooking. 


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How does it work?


✅ You install RatePunk for free here 👉

✅ You open one of the major booking websites (like & book your wanted hotel as per usual. 

✅ You get notified via email if the hotel you booked drops the price. 

✅ You can cancel your previous booking & rebook it for a lower rate! 


You can also manage & track all these rebookings in your dashboard if you create RatePunk account. There’s a separate column named REBOOKING there. 


! This feature is not available on non-refundable bookings (because you can’t cancel the primary booking without losing the money), so RatePunk just won’t pop up after confirming that kind of deal.


Together with Rebooking, RatePunk also has 11 more cool & free features you didn’t know you needed:



Install RatePunk to save you money through THE WHOLE hotel booking process!

May 04, 2023

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