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Top Party Hostels in Europe

Eager to map out your European journey? It's an excellent choice indeed. The continent is a backpacker's paradise, with a vibrant culture and an upbeat spirit. Imagine quaint villages, majestic national parks, a deeply intriguing history, delicious food, warm locals, and, not to forget, the most lively party hostels in Europe! Indeed, visiting this destination should be at the top of your travel itinerary.

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Published: Dec 28, 20236 min read

Top Party Hostels in Europe

Regardless of whether you desire a brief getaway or an extensive journey steeped in tradition, setting your sights on Europe promises a delightful adventure!

Europe is full of stunning cities, mystical mountains, and captivating landscapes that will engage all your senses. For those seeking vibrant days  and enjoyable encounters with fellow travelers worldwide, opting for some of the finest party hostels in Europe is a wise choice.

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With a plethora of must-visit destinations, selecting the ideal lively hostel accommodation might seem daunting. However, rest assured, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of the top  party hostels in Europe, ensuring your journey is filled with adventure and endless fun. Get ready to know our listed hostels!

The Bulldog – Amsterdam

Known as the ultimate party destination, The Bulldog in Amsterdam offers a prime city center location for exploring and experiencing the city's diverse cultural atmosphere. It's a top choice for anyone seeking a lively and sociable environment, complete with a buzzing bar and plenty of interactive activities.

Flying Pig Downtown Hostel – Amsterdam

For a mix of relaxation and nightlife, the Flying Pig Downtown Hostel is your go-to in Amsterdam. With a vibrant atmosphere, outdoor areas, and close proximity to the city center, it's the perfect place to enjoy both comfort and a lively party scene.

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Kabul Party Hostel – Barcelona

Kabul Party Hostel in Barcelona is known for its fantastic rooftop terrace and the Happy House bar, creating the perfect party environment. Guests are also treated to a complimentary breakfast post-celebration, adding a touch of convenience to the party experience.

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte- top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte – Berlin

Nestled in Berlin's central district, St Christopher's Berlin Mitte is all about location and lively experiences. With excellent amenities, a rooftop area, and vibrant night-time activities, it's a favored spot for those looking to dive into the city's party scene.

Wild Elephants Hostel – Bratislava

In the heart of Bratislava, Wild Elephants Hostel promises an intense party experience unmatched by others. It's known for its friendly staff, local culinary treats, comfortable accommodations, and a uniquely vibrant party atmosphere.

Carpe Noctem Original – Budapest

Carpe Noctem Original stands out as a vibrant backpacker's haven in Budapest. Close to major attractions and known for its social events like drinking games and live music, it's a hotspot for travelers looking to mingle and enjoy the city's nightlife.

The Hive Party Hostel – Budapest

As one of Budapest's largest hostels, The Hive Party Hostel is a buzzing social hub ideal for those looking to meet fellow travelers. Offering modern amenities, proximity to attractions, and various night-time entertainment options, it's a top choice for a fun-filled stay.

The Pink Palace – Corfu, Greece- top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

The Pink Palace – Corfu, Greece

As a standout destination in Corfu, The Pink Palace is celebrated for its dynamic nightlife offerings, including everything from quiz nights and dance parties to beer pong and toga events. Guests have the option to hop between four different bars, making it a versatile and exciting choice for any party-goer.

Far Out Beach Club – Ios, Greece

Situated on the sandy shores of Ios next to a vibrant nightclub, Far Out Beach Club is the epitome of a Greek island party getaway, offering unforgettable nightlife along with picturesque beachside relaxation.

The Madhouse Prague – Czech Republic

For a blend of fun and tranquility, The Madhouse Prague offers engaging daytime activities, group dinners, and wild pub crawls, with the peace of returning to a quiet room after the festivities.

Booze & Snooze – Split, Croatia

Set against Croatia's picturesque coast, Booze & Snooze is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, offering free activities and close proximity to the town's backpacker bar, where travelers can connect and enjoy the local scene.

Yellowsquare Hostel in Rome- top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

YellowSquare – Rome

Ideal for those eager to fully embrace their Roman holiday, YellowSquare is a premier party hostel choice. Offering both private and shared accommodations, it's known for its vibrant parties and exceptionally attentive staff, promising a memorable and cozy stay.

Oasis Backpackers’ Palace Seville – Seville

Oasis Backpackers' Palace in Seville is a lively spot featuring a rooftop terrace with a pool, daily social gatherings, and proximity to the city's vibrant pubs. It's a quintessential spot for those looking to dive into the local and hostel party scene alike.

Cats Hostel Madrid Sol – Madrid

Cats Hostel Madrid Sol is not just a place to stay; it's a party destination with its own Sangria fountain, weekend paella parties, and tapas tours. Located centrally, it offers easy access to Madrid's bustling nightlife.

Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel – Krakow

Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel is famous for its high-energy environment and legendary pub crawls in Krakow. Along with social fun, it provides complimentary meals to fuel your adventures.

Let’s Rock Party Hostel -  top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

Let’s Rock Party Hostel – Krakow

Let’s Rock Party Hostel is known for its sociable environment and beer garden in Krakow. A short walk from top bars, it's perfect for guests looking to explore the local nightlife.

Oki Doki Old Town Hostel – Warsaw

Oki Doki Old Town Hostel offers a unique stay in an 18th-century building amidst Warsaw's historic backdrop. Known for its lively ambiance and cultural value, guests can enjoy local beers and social events on the terrace.

St. Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord – Paris

St. Christopher's Inn Gare Du Nord in Paris offers a cozy and secure environment for party-goers. Featuring a popular in-house bar and clean, comfortable accommodations, it's a favored choice for an enjoyable Parisian experience.

Amistat Island Hostel – Ibiza

Steps away from a lively beach and its own fun-filled bar, Amistat Island Hostel in Ibiza is a modern, sociable environment perfect for party enthusiasts looking to experience the island's famous nightlife.

Rising Cock Party Hostel -  top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

Rising Cock Party Hostel – Lagos, Portugal

Known for its engaging name and atmosphere, Rising Cock Party Hostel offers a blend of relaxation at nearby beaches during the day and spirited pub crawls by night, ensuring a memorable stay.

Balmers Hostel – Interlaken

Balmers Hostel is the place to be for adventure and nightlife in Interlaken. Spend days exploring Swiss natural beauty through hiking or bungee jumping and nights reveling with fellow travelers at the hostel's lively bar.

Villa Saint Exupery Hostel Nice-  top party hostels in Europe- feature by ratepunk

Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel – Nice

Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel is an adventurer's retreat in Nice, offering a mix of daytime activities and evening socials, including happy hours and pub crawls, to fully enjoy the coastal city's charm.

This concludes our selection of must-visit party hostels in Europe, set in a continent rich with culture, attractions, and history, perfect for solo or group travel. By the way, we also made the list of the best hostels for solo travelers.

Dec 28, 2023

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