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Best Hostels in Europe for Solo Travellers

Traveling alone in Europe is exciting, and staying in the right hostel is key. The best hostels for solo travelers are more than just places to sleep; they're where you can meet new friends and have fun. These hostels are perfect for making your trip special, whether you're in a busy city or a quiet town. So check our list of the best hostels in Europe for solo travelers.

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Published: Dec 20, 202311 min read

Best Hostels in Europe for Solo Travellers

The Nomad Hostel&Pension

Address: C. Itálica, 1, Casco Antiguo, 41001 Sevilla, Spain

the best hostels in Europe for solo traveler in Spain- The Nomad Hostel&Pension ratepunk recommendationsThe Nomad Hostel&Pension is in a traditional Sevillian house that's been fixed up. It's run by locals who know the city well. It's a great place for women traveling alone or with a few friends. But with different kinds of rooms, anyone can find a comfy spot here.

You get free breakfast and can have coffee & tea any time, which is nice for hanging out on the small terrace. You can also rent a bike to see the city, or go on a free walking tour. They also have cooking, Spanish, and flamenco classes, local dinners and parties on the terrace. Moreover, the hostel is really close to the city center, only 600 meters from the cathedral, which is perfect for exploring.

Casa Gracia

Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 116Bis, Gràcia, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers - Casa GArcia - recommened by ratepunkCasa Gracia stands out as the city's only hostel with a 5-star rating, making it a top place to stay if you travel solo. Let’s start with the exterior. The architecture of Casa Gracia is sure to impress, and its stylish interior is perfect for those Instagram moments. For those seeking high-end hostels in Europe, Casa Gracia is a standout choice.

The rooms are designed with a unique touch, featuring cleverly built little staircases leading to the top bunks, which double as secure storage for personal items. Moreover, Casa Gracia offers a variety of social activities, including tapas tours, yoga sessions, and culinary evenings. Additionally, guests can enjoy several cozy areas like a library, a comfortable lounge, and relaxing terraces.

The Hat Madrid

Address: C. Imperial, 9, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers - spain - the hat madrid hostel - ratepunkThe Hat Madrid stands out with its unique motto, "Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home," and it's not just a saying – this hostel truly embodies it, earning the title of the coolest and best hostel in Madrid from many bloggers perspective.

When you stay at The Hat, there's much to look forward to. There you can enjoy the most breathtaking sunset views from its rooftop, participating in free activities and walking tours, or relaxing in their restaurant and bar. The rooms are a highlight – each one is spacious, bright, and inviting, with the super tidy rooms offering the added perk of a balcony.

 Location-wise, The Hat couldn't be better situated. It's right at Plaza Mayor, Madrid's main square, just a few minutes walk from Puerta del Sol, the city's heart. This combination of style, comfort, and location makes The Hat Madrid a top choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay in the city.

Numero Trece Hostel

Address: C. Maestro Caballero, 13, 03004 Alicante, Spain

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers- numero trece - suggested by ratepunkHostel Numero Trece in Alicante was included in this list because one of my colleagues (I could say she is an expert in evaluating European Hostels) mentioned that it was one of the best hostels she had stayed at. The main reason is a unique blend of privacy and communal charm. Each room was thoughtfully designed, offering ample personal space which makes a traveler feel at ease and at home. The cozy communal areas were perfect for socializing, yet the hostel maintained a peaceful atmosphere throughout. What truly set it apart was the attention to detail in ensuring privacy, making it an ideal retreat in the heart of the city.Price starts at 32 euros per night.

Sunset Destination

Address: Praça Duque da Terceira, 1200-161 Lisboa, Portugal

best hostels in europe for solo travelers- sunset destinationSocial atmosphere, prime location, and exceptional facilities at,this award-winning hostel in Lisbon. Sunset Destination offers guests the luxury of enjoying stunning sunset vistas and a rooftop swimming pool, all on a budget-friendly note. The hostel's Zebra Bar, conveniently located beside the rooftop pool, adds to the cool ambiance.
Guests are given a complimentary breakfast each morning, complete with delicious pancakes. You can indulge in a delightful dinner or BBQ each evening for a small fee. If you're keen to socialize, the hostel organizes numerous activities, including pub crawls, guided walking tours, and DJ nights. Plus, there's a free beer hour at the bar every evening!
Conveniently situated atop Lisbon's central train station, Cais do Sodré, Sunset Destination places you within easy walking distance of the city's major attractions. This makes it an ideal spot for travelers looking to explore and immerse themselves in the heart of Lisbon.

The Passenger Hostel

Address: Estação São Bento, Praça Almeida Garrett, 4000-069 Porto, Portugal

best hostels in europe for solo travelers- the passenger hostel - suggest by ratepunk The Passenger Hostel boasts a unique location, nestled within Sao Bento Station, renowned as one of the most stunning train stations globally. (If you visit Porto - it's a must visit places. I can guarantee that you will make several brilliant pictures!)

This hostel holds the distinction of being the only 5-star hostel in Porto, offering a unique stay experience. The interior is a harmonious mix of vintage and modern designs, creating a chic and trendy atmosphere. This distinctive style places it among the most impressive hostels in Europe. With a capacity to accommodate 123 guests, The Passenger Hostel is spacious and inclusive, offering both female and male dorms – a fantastic feature!

Gallery Hostel 

Address: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 222 R/C, 4050-377 Porto, Portugal

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers - gallery hostel in Porto - suggested by ratepunkGallery Hostel in Porto, Portugal, combines hostel amenities with an art gallery charm, making it a standout accommodation. At least for our team. Its key highlights include home-cooked Portuguese meals and a welcoming backyard, creating a communal atmosphere. Guests enjoy complimentary post-dinner beverages and can socialize in the game room, ideal for meeting new people. And it’s a good thing, especially if you travel solo. 

The hostel also serves as an art gallery, displaying and selling works from local artists. For comfort, beds come with thick mattresses, personal lights, and optional privacy dividers. It's important to note a possible two-night minimum stay. Prices for beds start at 46 EUR, offering a touch of luxury at a moderate price.

Goodnight Hostel

Address: R. dos Correeiros 113, 1100-619 Lisboa, Portugal

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers - Goodnight Hostel in Lisbon - suggested by ratepunkGoodnight Hostel in Lisbon, stands out as an affordable and welcoming choice for travelers. Its prime downtown location there you can reach many various bars, pubs, cafes and just awesome places. The hostel features a cozy common area, and guests often praise the excellent water pressure in the showers. Due to its smaller size, Goodnight Hostel fosters an intimate atmosphere, conducive to connecting with other travelers. We can highlight complimentary breakfast, well-crafted common area for socializing and meeting new people, and accommodation options (beds starting at 31 EUR and private rooms from 90 EUR).

Generator Paris

Address: 9-11 Pl. du Colonel Fabien, 75010 Paris, France

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers - generator paris- suggested by ratepunkGenerator, is well known as one of Europe's leading hostel chains, boasts stylish and modern hostels like Generator Paris. This design-focused hostel is particularly recommended for solo travelers. It offers a relaxed environment perfect for socializing, working, or using as a starting point for city exploration. The rooftop area is a standout feature, where guests can enjoy a drink from the bar and relax in a beanbag or deck chair, with views of Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre adding to the ambiance. Guests can start their day with a continental breakfast, energizing them for their adventures, and the onsite Café Fabien provides a great spot for a locally-inspired refreshment anytime.

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Elko Hostel

Address: 181 Av. de Grande Bretagne, 31300 Toulouse, France

Elko hostel - best hostel in europe for solo travelers - suggested by ratepunkMy colleague also recommended Elko Hostel in Toulouse, and it truly sounds like a gem. Known for its comfortable and rustic charm, Elko creates a welcoming atmosphere for its guests. The interior design is a standout feature, blending modern comforts with unique aesthetic touches that highlight the hostel's character. On the lower ground, there's a cozy café and restaurant, offering a delightful space for relaxation and dining. The hostel also offers a sense of private space, which is somewhat unusual for hostels, providing a more secluded experience for those who desire it. 

P.S. The location is not superior, but there is a tram stop to comfortably reach everything you want to visit. 

The Circus Hostel

Address: Weinbergsweg 1A, 10119 Berlin, Germany

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers- the circus berlin- suggested by ratepunkThe Circus Hostel in Berlin is a great place to stay with lots of fun features. They have their own small brewery, a bar and café, and even serve breakfast until 1pm. The hostel is always lively, hosting events like quiz nights and music, perfect for people traveling alone or with a partner. They also offer nicer rooms for those who want a bit more space.

The hostel's design is really cool and colorful, adding to its fun circus theme. Plus, it's right in the center of Berlin, close to many bars, museums, and restaurants, making it easy to explore the city.

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5 Element Hostel

Address: Moselstraße 40, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

If you're into the nightlife scene, the Five Elements Hostel in Frankfurt is an excellent choice. This hostel is in the midst of the city's vibrant, multicultural environment. Its 24/7 bar makes it a hotspot for solo travelers looking for fun and socializing. Additionally, Frankfurt offers a blend of historic sites and modern attractions, enhancing your travel experience. The hostel's central location makes it easy to explore the city's famous museums and landmarks. Plus, the friendly staff and lively communal areas at the Five Elements Hostel make it easy to meet fellow travelers and share exciting adventures.


Address: Westeinde 18, 1017 ZP Amsterdam, Netherlands

best hostels in Europe for solo travelers- cocomama Amsterdam - suggested by ratepunkCocomama in Amsterdam has a fascinating history, having transformed from a former brothel into a 5-star hostel, maintaining its cool factor throughout the transition. This boutique hostel, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, is perfect for couples, female solo travelers, and anyone seeking a relaxing yet social atmosphere. Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture by joining tours like the Red Light District tour offered by the hostel.

Each room at Cocomama is uniquely themed around various Dutch icons, allowing guests to sleep amidst decor inspired by Van Gogh, the Red Light District, or even an Anne Frank-themed room. These creative touches add a distinct and memorable experience for guests. Besides the free breakfast, another standout feature is the private garden, a serene spot for relaxation. To get a deeper insight into what Cocomama offers, reading the full review provides more detailed information, including some of its unique, lesser-known amenities that contribute to its charm.

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St Christopher’s Hostel

Address: 9-13 Market St, Edinburgh EH1 1DE, United Kingdom

ST Chistopher Hostel- good choice while visiting scotlandFor solo travelers seeking adventure, Edinburgh is a must-visit destination to experience the beauty of Scotland. And for those interested in sampling some of the finest whisky, St Christopher's Edinburgh offers the perfect setting. Located conveniently in the city, this hostel boasts the lively Belushi's bar on the ground floor. Here, you'll find an energetic atmosphere with daily drink specials, a diverse and delicious food menu, and regular party nights that promise a good time.

St Christopher's Edinburgh isn't just about the nightlife; it's ideally situated for exploring the city's rich history and stunning architecture. Whether you're interested in the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, or the city's many museums and galleries, you're in the right place. The hostel also offers a comfortable and friendly environment, making it easy to meet fellow travelers and share experiences. It's a great spot for those looking to blend cultural exploration with socializing and fun in Scotland's vibrant capital.

Combo Hostel

Address: Campo dei Gesuiti, 4878, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

Combo hostel- best hostels in Europe for solo travelers- suggested by ratepunkCombo Hostel, formerly We Crociferi, is a remarkable hostel located in Venice, uniquely housed in a beautifully renovated 12th-century convent. This hostel stands out for its stunning and distinctive character.

Offering an impressive selection of 255 beds in various layouts, it caters to the needs of digital nomads and solo travelers. Combo Hostel promises an engaging and enjoyable stay with its diverse amenities. Guests can enjoy the Caffe ai Crociferi for breakfast, lunch, and drinks, utilize the study hall and library for work or relaxation, and participate in weekly events such as live concerts and art exhibitions. The communal kitchen adds to the homely feel, encouraging social interaction.

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We could go on and on with this list, so if you also want to share your experience in "the best European hostel" you have ever stayed in, but it wasn't mentioned, please drop the comment below. We highly appreciate it!

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