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Best Carnivals in February 2024

February 2024 bursts with vibrant carnivals around the globe, offering an exciting continuation of holiday festivities. From dazzling costumes to rhythmic beats, these events promise to keep the spirit of joy alive post-Christmas and New Year. Add these extraordinary celebrations to your bucket list for a February filled with color and dancing.

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Best Carnivals in February 2024

As the Christmas season will vanish into thin air, seize the opportunity for more celebratory moments, no matter where you are! Our February festival itinerary promises to be as vibrant and diverse as any other month, even if it entails globetrotting to experience its full splendor. You still have some time to plan your Februaric getaway:)

FestivalDateOfficial SiteCountry
1. Santa Cruz de TenerifeJanuary 20th  – February 18th, 2024www.carnavaldetenerife.comTenerife, Spain
2. Carnival of Venice27th January – 11th February 2024www.venice-carnival-italy.comItaly
3. Quebec Winter Carnival2nd – 11th February 2024www.carnaval.qc.caCanada
4. Sauti za Busara9th – 11th February 2024www.busaramusic.orgZanzibar
5. Rio Carnival9th – 17th February 2024www.riocarnaval.orgBrazil
6. Tapati Rapa Nui9th – 17th February 2024www.galapagostravel.onlineChile
7. Chinese New Year10th February 2024www.chinesenewyear.netChina
8. Mardi Gras13th February 2024www.mardigrasneworleans.comNew Orleans, US
9.  Adelaide Fringe16th February -17th of March
10. Saidaiji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri17th February 2024www.japan.comJapan
11. The Fête du Citron || Lemon Festival17th of February – 3rd March 2024www.fete-du-citron.comFrance
12.  Jaisalmer Desert Festival22nd – 24th February 2024www.desertfestivaljaisalmer.comIndia
13. Singapore New YearFri 23rd & Sat 24th February 2024n/aSingapore
14. Taiwan Lantern Festival 24th of February 2024n/aTaiwan
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

January 20th  – February 18th, 2024

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival stands as the most beloved and widely participated event in the Canary Islands, captivating both locals and visitors alike. This vibrant festival, renowned for its energy and color, was declared a "Fiesta of International Tourist Interest" in 1980, underscoring its global appeal. 

The carnival is a spectacle of marvelous costumes, rhythmic music, and lively parades that course through the streets, showcasing the island's rich cultural tapestry. Each year, the festival's elaborate themes transform Santa Cruz into a fantastical world of creativity and celebration. It’s not just a carnival; it’s a cultural phenomenon that embodies the spirit of the community, bringing together people from all walks of life in a grand, joyous celebration. I would say that it's the European Rio De Janeiro carnival! It is more than an event; it's a vibrant expression of the island's culture!

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Venice carnival - ratepunk suggestionsCarnival of Venice

January 27th– 13th February 2024

Venice, enchanting throughout the year, becomes exceptionally spellbinding during the Carnevale di Venezia. This famed event draws global visitors eager to immerse in its unique atmosphere. However, as the carnival dates vary annually, careful planning is essential before booking your travel and stay. In 2024, the Venice Carnival will be celebrated from January 27th to February 13th, transforming the city into a must-visit spectacle, offering a fresh experience even for those who've visited Venice before. 

What sets the 2024 carnival apart is its focus on sustainable tourism, integrating eco-friendly practices and promoting the cultural heritage of Venice in an environmentally conscious way.

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Quebec Winter Carnival - ratepunk suggestionsQuebec Winter Carnival

2nd – 11th February 2024

The world's largest winter carnival in Quebec celebrates the winter spirit amidst its frosty landscape. In a city renowned for its biting winters, the warm camaraderie and festive spirit are truly heartening, making it a standout among global winter festivals. The key to enjoying this frosty fiesta is layering up with scarves, gloves, hats, and sturdy winter boots. Be sure to capture the stunning beauty of ice and snow sculptures and the vibrant hues of parade floats.

Additionally, don't miss the unique winter activities like snow tubing and ice skating, which add an extra layer of fun to the festivities. Indulge in the local cuisine, from hearty stews to sweet maple treats, as you mingle with locals and visitors alike. 

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Best Carnivals in February 2024 Sauti Busara festival with Parade - ratepunk suggestions

Sauti Busara

9th – 11th February 2024

"Sauti za Busara," a February festival rich in cultural heritage, translates to 'sounds of wisdom.' This vibrant event echoes through Stone Town's Old Fort, where traditional African music fuses with modern sounds, ensuring an energetic backdrop for various activities. Attendees are treated to a dynamic mix of film screenings, comedy shows, and enthralling performances, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, the festival showcases local arts and crafts, also there is a parade, so it's basically carnival, isn't it?:) 
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Best Carnivals in February 2024 Rio De Janeiro carnival - ratepunk suggestions

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

9th – 17th February 2024

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, arguably the biggest festival globally, draws millions each day into its vibrant embrace. For several exhilarating days, the city becomes a kaleidoscope of color and energy, with streets bursting with lively parades, extravagant costumes, and non-stop parties, rightfully earning its title as the 'greatest show on Earth'. 

This flamboyant celebration originated from a tradition of indulging before the Lenten period of abstinence, transforming into a hedonistic extravaganza where extravagance knows no bounds, leading with spirited Brazilian dances. Added to this spectacle are the Samba school competitions, where dancers and musicians display their passion and skill in a mesmerizing showcase, making it an unforgettable cultural experience that combines tradition, artistry, and an unbridled celebration of life.

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Tapati Rapa Nui

9th – 17th February 2024
Easter Island, famed for its enigmatic monolithic statues and a sense of mystique, shifts focus in early February to a captivating cultural festival. During Tapati Rapa Nui, the allure isn't in endless drinks or pulsating music, but in the authentic cultural expressions of the islanders.

This festival warmly invites visitors to immerse themselves in its activities, some of which are held at the crater of an extinct volcano. Engage in traditional events like spearfishing, sliding down hills on banana trunks, and participating in dance competitions that fill the air with joy and laughter. The festival's climax is a spectacular dance-off between two families, vying to win the coveted title of Queen of Tapati, a moment that beautifully encapsulates the spirit and heritage of Easter Island.

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Chinese New Years Carnival (2017)  - ratepunk suggestions

Chinese New Year

10th February 2024

Chinese New Year secures a spot on yet another roundup of top festivals, featuring in both January and February's best celebrations worldwide. Governed by the lunar calendar, its timing can range from mid-January to late February. While many families observe their unique traditions and activities during this week-long festivity, simply exploring your local Chinatown during Chinese New Year offers an incredible experience. The festivities are a feast for the senses, complete with an abundance of dumplings, Chinese sweet cakes, and other traditional delicacies.

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Best Carnivals in February 2024 Mardi Gras New Orleans - ratepunk suggestions

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

13th February 2024

This event is famous for its grand parades, elaborate masquerade balls, and lively street parties. The parades, organized by Krewes, which are private social clubs, feature ornate floats and costumes, and the tradition of tossing "throws" such as beads and doubloons to the crowds adds to the excitement.

"Mardi Gras," translating to "Fat Tuesday" in French, reaches its peak in New Orleans but is also celebrated in various locations worldwide. It signifies the last day before the Christian Lenten season, a time of fasting and reflection. In addition to the well-known parades and parties, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is also a cultural melting pot, showcasing rich traditions in music, food, and art, reflecting the diverse heritage of the city. 

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Adelaine Fringe art festival - ratepunk suggestions

Adelaide Fringe

16th February -17th of March 2024

Exchange the snow and winter cold for a sun-drenched stay in Adelaide, Australia's beloved southern city. The allure of Adelaide Fringe extends beyond its pleasant weather; it's celebrated as the world's second-largest annual arts festival. This inclusive event welcomes performers of all kinds, from cabaret and circus acts to comedy and dance. It's a hotbed for discovering emerging talents who could be tomorrow's sensations.

Moreover, immerse yourself in the lively night markets, embark on a thrilling treasure hunt dubbed a 'goose chase,' and don't miss the spectacular Parade of Light, an event that truly epitomizes the festival's vibrant spirit. Plus, Adelaide, known for its exquisite wineries, provides the perfect opportunity for wine enthusiasts to indulge in some of the finest wine tasting experiences, adding a touch of elegance and flavor to the festival season.

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Hadaka Matsuri Japan - ratepunk suggestions

Hadaka Matsuri

17th February 2024

The annual festival in Okayama, characterized by nearly naked men braving the winter chill, is a unique celebration of luck and happiness. In this centuries-old tradition, dating back over 500 years, priests hurl lucky charms into a crowd of thousands. Men, clad only in minimal loincloths and tabi socks, compete to catch these objects, a ritual believed to bring fortune and joy. These participants also engage in a run around the temple for an hour or two, a practice seen as purifying both body and soul.

This event takes place at a temple dedicated to the goddess of mercy, a revered figure in the local culture. The temple is not just the site of this unusual festival; it's also the starting point of the Chugoku Pilgrimage, a deeply spiritual journey significant to many worshippers. 

Best Carnivals in February 2024The Fête du Citron  - ratepunk suggestions

The Fête du Citron - Lemon Festival

17th of February – 3rd March 2024

Nestled in the French Alps lies Menton, a town famed for its exquisite lemons. In 1934, this innovative community elevated their local produce celebration into the vibrant and popular "Fête du Citron" (Lemon Festival). The town bursts into a palette of yellow, with floats, displays, and sculptures, all themed around this citrus fruit, during this unique festival that draws over 200,000 visitors annually. For more than 15 days, guests can revel in the zestful Golden and Night-time parades, marvel at the citrus pattern exhibitions in Biovès gardens, and explore the Crafts Fair and the aromatic Festival of Orchids. This fantasy world of lemony delights offers an unforgettable experience, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a festival like no other.

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Jaisalmer Desert India - ratepunk suggestions

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

22nd – 24th February 2024
The vibrant festivities in Rajasthan attract a multitude of tourists to this colorful celebration. The range of quirky contests on offer is bound to exceed even the most imaginative expectations with their creative flair. Activities range from the excitement of camel racing to the skillful art of turban tying, and even a competition for the longest moustache, providing both spectacles and participatory fun for visitors. Alongside these, the festival also showcases traditional folk dances and music. Additionally, local artisans display their crafts, allowing visitors to appreciate and purchase unique handcrafted items, making the experience not just entertaining but also culturally enriching.

Singapore New Years

Fri 23rd & Sat 24th February 2024
Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and communities, ranks as one of the most exhilarating destinations to celebrate New Year's Eve. The city comes alive with glittering parties, spectacular fireworks, and restaurants serving delectable cuisines, all set against a backdrop of festive joy and excitement. Gather your friends and family for a memorable New Year's Eve in Singapore, where the blend of traditions and modern festivities guarantees a uniquely joyous experience. If you need more information, read our blog post

Best Carnivals in February 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival Taiwan - ratepunk suggestions

Taiwan Lantern Festival Taiwan

24th of February 2024

Experience the magic of Disney's "Tangled" in real life at the Taiwan Lantern Festival, where the tradition of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival and the Yanshui Fireworks Festival come together in a country-wide celebration. These lanterns, which historically signaled safety, now serve a more poetic purpose, carrying heartfelt wishes and hopes into the night sky. If you're still waiting for a birthday wish to come true, this mesmerizing drift of lights might just be your chance to see it fulfilled. The festival transforms the sky into a canvas of dreams, creating a spectacle of illumination that's as enchanting as any fairy tale.

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Dec 14, 2023

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