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How to Get Discounts on Airbnb? New 2023 solutions added!

Despite what many people think, the prices displayed on Airbnb are not written on the stone. Although most hosts prefer guests to book their homes or apartments at the listed rate, there are several tactics you can employ to enhance your chances of securing a better price.

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Published: Jun 09, 2023 min read

How to Get Discounts on Airbnb? New 2023 solutions added!

Does Airbnb offer discounts?

The short answer is YES. Airbnb does offer discounts. Hosts on the platform have the option to provide weekly or monthly discounts for longer stays. Additionally, they can also issue special offers to guests, either to promote their listing or rectify a previous booking complication. The extent and availability of these discounts vary by listing, as they are determined by individual hosts.

Does Airbnb offer discount codes?

Yes, Airbnb occasionally offers discount codes or promotional coupons. These codes can be provided to guests for marketing promotions, special events, or as part of their referral program. However, the availability and terms of these codes can vary, and it's always a good idea to check Airbnb's official website or communications for the most current promotions.

How to Get Airbnb Discount?

1. Extending Your Trip

Many hosts offer discounts for guests who book extended stays (not less than a week). These discounts can vary, but they often become more significant the longer you stay. Hosts may provide weekly or monthly discounts to incentivize longer bookings. Moreover, when you extend your stay, you can negotiate the price directly with the host. Communicate your intention to extend and inquire about the possibility of a discounted rate for the additional days. Hosts may be open to negotiation, especially if the booking calendar has availability for an extended period.

Naturally,  not all hosts offer discounts for extended stays, and the availability of discounts can vary. However, it's worth exploring and discussing the possibility with the host to see if you can secure a better price for your extended Airbnb stay.

2. Send Message to The Host

One effective strategy to get discounts on Airbnb is to send inquiry messages to hosts. Instead of relying solely on the listed price, you can contact hosts with a polite and personalized inquiry about potential discounts or special offers. This approach allows you to engage in direct communication and negotiate lower prices.

When crafting your inquiry message, being respectful and providing some context is important. Start by expressing genuine interest in their listing and mentioning specific details that caught your attention. For example, you can highlight the positive reviews, the amenities that align with your needs, or any unique aspects of the property. After establishing a positive tone, you can ask about the possibility of any discounts or special offers for the dates you intend to stay. While there's no guarantee that every host will offer a discount, personalized communication can create a more favorable impression and demonstrate your enthusiasm as a potential guest. Hosts may appreciate the effort and be more inclined to negotiate a lower price, especially if their listing has available dates or if they have the desire to attract reliable and responsible guests.

3. Try RatePunk Airbnb Price Request Functionality

Some people don't like texting, so the previous suggestion is only for some. But. Recently RatePunk browser extension which helps you compare the best travel deals for hotels, launched new functionality - Airbnb Price Request. Instead of crafting–drafting a message for a host, you can instantly send the price suggestion for the host. Both ways, the hosts will inform you about your suggestion. It saves time instead of countless polite messages about the price and when agreeing or just dropping the day to stay in that desirable Airbnb rental

Moreover, the RatePunk pop-up shows similar accommodation options that may be cheaper than the rental you are interested in. Ratepunk answers the question of 'How to Get Discounts on Airbnb' in a new way and has achieved an 80% success rate based on our experiments. 

How to get Airbnb discount? RatePunk funcionality - price request

4. Refer Friends and Earn Travel Credits

This tactic perfectly describes the “sharing is caring” motto. Airbnb has a referral program where you can earn travel credits by referring friends. When your friends sign up and book a stay using your referral link or code, both you and your friend can benefit. The travel credits you earn can be used to get discounts on your own Airbnb bookings. It's a great way to save money on future stays.

5. Follow Airbnb News

Subscribe to Airbnb's newsletter and follow it on social media: Airbnb occasionally sends out newsletters with special offers, discounts, and promotions and boasts it on social media channels. Subscribing to their newsletter and following social media channels can help you stay informed about ongoing deals.

6. Join Airbnb Plus or Superhost Experiences

Airbnb Plus and Superhost Experiences are special designations and programs offered by Airbnb to provide guests with enhanced accommodation options and curated experiences.

Some hosts offer discounts exclusively to Airbnb Plus or Superhost Experience guests. Consider booking these listings to potentially access discounts.

Both Airbnb Plus and Superhost Experiences aim to elevate the guest experience by providing a level of quality, reliability, and exceptional service. These designations offer guests peace of mind and the opportunity to choose accommodations and experiences that have been vetted and highly recommended by previous guests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airbnb Discounts?

Are there discounts for Airbnb?

Yes, there are plenty of different discounts on Airbnb and many ways you can book an Airbnb property cheaper. Take a look at our list and learn how to save money while booking Airbnb properties. 

Do Airbnb coupons work?

Airbnb does not directly offer coupons or promo codes, but there are many different ways and programs Airbnb offers that can help guests save money while booking properties.

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Jun 09, 2023

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