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Safe Areas to Stay in New York For Tourist [with hotel recommendations]

New York City, often referred to as "The Big Apple" and "The City That Never Sleeps," is a hub of vibrant culture, diverse cuisine, bustling nightlife, rich history, and endless opportunities. Known for its iconic skyscrapers and perpetual lights, the city's energy is undeniable.

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Published: Nov 23, 2023 min read

Safe Areas to Stay in New York For Tourist [with hotel recommendations]

Interestingly, some of the safest areas in NYC aren't always the ones filled with famous tourist attractions, but they still capture the essence of New York's unique appeal.

Like any major city, New York isn't without its challenges, including crime, which might appear more prominent from an outsider's perspective due to media portrayal. Putting statistics and public opinion into context, New York City undoubtedly ranks as one of the top places to live in the U.S. In the following sections, we'll delve into the safest neighborhoods in NYC, along with crime rates in various well-known areas. And if you plan to visit New York City and its famous museums & galleries, this blog post is right for you.

Safe Areas to Stay in New York For Tourist 

  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Upper West Side
  • Upper East Side
  • Williamsburg
  • Tribeca
  • Staten Island
  • Chelsea

Midtown Manhattan - safe areas to stay in New YorkMidtown Manhattan 

Midtown Manhattan, the pulsating core of New York City, is a blend of safety, entertainment, and easy accessibility. Its well-lit and lively streets, coupled with a noticeable police presence, make it a secure area day and night. Home to iconic sites like Times Square and the Empire State Building, it's an ideal base for first-time visitors. 

The nearby Theater District offers the best of Broadway, while the Museum of Modern Art provides a cultural immersion. For a tranquil escape, Central Park's verdant spaces are close by. Plus, with major transport hubs like Penn Station, navigating the city from Midtown is safe and convenient.

Hotel recommendations: Riu Plaza Manhattan Times Square  (great location, comfy & stylish atmosphere), DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side, a gem in New York City, is both safe and inviting. Tucked between Central Park and the Hudson River, it offers tranquility with easy Manhattan access. Its upscale residential atmosphere provides a sense of security, thanks to well-lit streets and a notable police presence. The area boasts historic brownstones, cultural landmarks, and a variety of dining from local delis to high-end restaurants. Exploring the city is effortless with nearby subway lines. From park strolls to Broadway shows, the Upper West Side ensures a memorable, secure, and authentic New York stay.
Hotel recommendations: Beacon Hotel, Lucerne Hotel, Arlo Nomad.

Upper East Side - safe areas to stay in New york as a tourist. ratepunk. book hotels cheaper

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side epitomizes luxury and safety in New York City. As other previous places, its well-kept, brightly lit streets, patrolled for safety, allow for peaceful evening walks. Home to Museum Mile, the neighborhood caters to art and history lovers with institutions like The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The culinary offerings reflect its high-end nature, ranging from classic delis to gourmet dining. Proximity to Central Park and accessible subway lines make the Upper East Side a convenient and elegant choice for those seeking a mix of tranquility, culture, and urban exploration.

Hotel recommendations: Voco Times Square South, Courtyard by Marriott New York Manhattan, Pod 51


Williamsburg in Brooklyn stands out as a trendy and secure choice for New York City accommodation. Its vibrant artistic community, well-lit streets, and visible police presence ensure a safe environment. Known for its rich arts scene, Williamsburg is home to everything from street art to galleries, not to mention the serene Williamsburg Waterfront. The neighborhood's culinary landscape boasts trendy cafes and innovative restaurants. While exploring its boutique shops and vintage stores, you'll feel the neighborhood's unique vibe. Convenient transport links to Manhattan make Williamsburg an ideal, safe base for city-wide exploration.

Hotel Recommendations: Penny Williamsburg, The Hoxton. 

Tribeca - safe area to stay in New York - ratepunk coversTribeca

Tribeca, or “Triangle Below Canal Street,” in NYC, is known for its stylish and welcoming environment, emphasizing safety.  The neighborhood's historic industrial buildings, now upscale lofts, add to its unique charm, while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Tribeca offers an array of high-end dining options and quaint cafes, ensuring a sophisticated and secure culinary experience. Nearby Hudson River Park provides a peaceful escape for outdoor leisure, contributing to Tribeca's appeal as a safe and chic destination.

Hotel recommendations: Sheraton Tribeca, Hilton Garden Tribeca


Staten Island

Staten Island, known as the "Forgotten Borough," is a peaceful retreat within New York City, offering suburban serenity alongside city life. Renowned for its safety, thanks to its tight-knit communities and low crime rates, it's an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil escape. Highlights include lush parks like the Staten Island Greenbelt and Clove Lakes Park, and historic sites. The Staten Island Ferry provides both breathtaking views and a safe commute. The borough's cultural vibrancy, with attractions in neighborhoods like St. George and Historic Richmond Town, adds to its allure as a secure and culturally rich place to stay in NYC.

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Chelsea in Manhattan is a vibrant mix of art, modern living, and safety, making it a sought-after NYC neighborhood. Its streets are safe and well-lit, lined with galleries and eateries to suit all tastes. The area is famous for its diverse art scene, including the Whitney Museum, and culinary delights, especially at Chelsea Market. With easy access to attractions and public transport, Chelsea offers a secure and enjoyable stay in the city.

Hotel recommendations: Hampton Inn Manhattan Chelsea

Is it safe to stay in New York for a Tourist?

New York City, with its big buildings and exciting culture, is a place many people dream of visiting. It's full of different things to see and do. People often ask if it's a safe place to visit. The good news is that New York is quite safe. The city has worked hard to make it safer, like having more police in busy areas and better streetlights. While some places in the city might have more crime than others, overall, crimes like theft and burglary are going down. It's still important to be careful and know about the place you're visiting.

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Nov 23, 2023

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