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Safest Areas to Stay in London

Are you planning a trip to London and concerned about safety? It's a valid consideration, especially in a bustling metropolis like London.

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Published: Nov 15, 2023 min read

Safest Areas to Stay in London

Whether you're planning a short visit or a longer stay, understanding which areas are the safest can greatly enhance your experience. In this blog post, we'll explore the safest areas to stay in London, providing peace of mind for travelers and potential residents alike.

Is London safe city?

London ranks as a relatively safe city, especially when compared to major cities in the United States. The most prevalent crime in London is personal theft, particularly phone theft. Should you encounter any issue in this remarkable city, it's most likely to be related to this.

But what about other types of crime? Which areas are the safest to explore, and which ones might be best to avoid? For tourists wondering about safety in London, here's a brief overview for those who prefer a quick read:

  • In Central London, the areas with higher crime rates include Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, and Hackney.
  • On the safer side, Kensington & Chelsea, Islington, Lewisham, and Hammersmith & Fulham are some of the best areas to stay.

Safest Areas to Stay In London

1.Hoxton, in East London, has become a safe and lively area over time 

It's known for its artsy vibe, cool cafes, and diverse people, making it a friendly place for visitors. The neighborhood has become more popular, attracting residents, business owners, and tourists, which makes it feel active and secure. Hoxton has seen a lot of new development and has good police presence, making it safe for everyone.

In Hoxton, you can check out modern art galleries like the White Cube, listen to live music at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, try different foods at street markets, or just walk around and enjoy the colorful street art. It's always busy with people, which helps make it feel safe. And if you wonder where you can stay - where ever you want, dear reader. Especially if you use RatePunk - helper to find the best and the fairest hotel prices. Nevertheless, check : The Hoxton Shoreditch or The Hoxton Southwark

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2.Victoria, London is also known for Being Safe Area

It mixes old charm with new facilities and is in the center of the city with good transport connections. It's near famous places like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, so there's always a lot of security around. 

Visitors to Victoria can see famous spots like Buckingham Palace, relax in St. James’s Park, or be amazed by the big Westminster Cathedral. There are theaters like the Victoria Palace Theatre and Apollo Victoria Theatre for shows, and Victoria Street is full of shops, places to eat, and cafes. There are many hotels such as Mornington Hotel London Victoria, Holiday Inn Express, where you can stay and not overpay.

safest areas to stay in London - Westminster Borough - ratepunk features

3.Westminster Borough: Safe & Prestigous

Westminster Borough, famed for its landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, is a bustling area frequented by tourists and political figures drawn to its historical and political importance. The affluent nature of Westminster Borough ensures that its streets are well-protected, making it a safe and ideal spot for families to stay while exploring London's famous sights. You can put your safety concerns aside as you embark on day tours around London. One notable accommodation option in the area is the Holiday Inn London.

Belgraria  - safest areas to stay in London

4.Belgraria - Another Safe Area to Stay in London

Belgravia, one of London's most affluent neighborhoods. This elite area also hosts several heavily guarded international embassies, ensuring top-notch safety and security. This high level of security means you can enjoy shopping at night markets without much worry about safety. This area is not just safe but also conveniently located, with famous attractions like Buckingham Palace and Harrods just a short walk away.

5.Hip Hip - Knightsbrigde

Knightsbridge, known for the famous Harrods store, combines tree-lined streets and picturesque homes in central London. It's a unique area with upscale restaurants and museums, drawing tourists globally. The neighborhood's residential buildings are well-secured with CCTV and security guards, making it one of London's safest places to stay. Yes, it's the fifth one. But it's great to have something you can choose from.

Soho area in London- one of the safest areas to stay in London

6. Vibrant Soho

Soho, one of London's liveliest and safest neighborhoods, is at the heart of the city's music and dining scenes. Historically home to notable figures like William Blake and Karl Marx, Soho boasts an abundance of nightclubs, restaurants, and theaters. Its bustling streets are closely monitored by a vigilant police presence, ensuring safety. For visitors, Soho offers numerous accommodation choices, from Airbnbs to hotels like the Courthouse Hotel London.

7. Try Hampstead

Hampstead in London, known for its residents including artists, media figures, and academics, has seen increased police presence for enhanced safety. Experience a touch of celebrity life by staying at Mirabilis Apartments in Wells Court, offering a home-like setting where you'll quickly feel at ease. Enjoy the peaceful Hampstead Heath and explore classic art at the renowned Kenwood House.

In London, like in any big city, there's always some worry about safety because of past terrorist attacks and occasional crimes. Although the whole city is well-guarded and generally safe, it's still a good idea for visitors to be careful. It's hard to say which places are the safest because unexpected things can happen anywhere. But, choosing to stay in one of the city's safer areas can help you feel more secure. Pick a neighborhood from the ones we've talked about and enjoy everything London has to offer, from its must-see attractions to its beautiful street art, while being cautious.

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Nov 15, 2023

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