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Airbnb Host Review Examples - Good and Bad Reviews

Airbnb Host Reviews are great ways for guests to share their experiences with the Airbnb community. However, it might be difficult for some people to write their reviews in the best way. Therefore, we have gathered different examples that you can use to simplify this process.

Airbnb Host Review Examples - Good and Bad Reviews

Even before Airbnb introduced its guest review option, it had host reviews. Host reviews are a great way for guests to share their experiences about their stay with others.

Host reviews are not only related to the hosts and can cover many topics such as the accommodation itself, the host's behavior, neighborhood, etc.

As the host reviews can be very broad and vary in many ways, they can also be challenging. Therefore, it is always helpful to look at some examples or copy-paste a template.

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Why are Airbnb Host Reviews important?

Trust and Transparency

Airbnb operates on a peer-to-peer model, meaning that guests are staying in someone else's home. Reviews provide a level of transparency that can help build trust between hosts and guests. 

When potential guests see consistent positive reviews, it assures them that the listing is legitimate and that they can expect a positive experience.

Quality Assurance

Reviews are a way for guests to provide feedback about their stay. Hosts can use this feedback to make improvements, ensuring that future guests have an even better experience.

Therefore, it is essential for the hosts to take steps, such as providing the essentials, to ensure a quality stay. 


Although rare, there have been incidents of safety and horror stories at Airbnb before. Reviews can serve as a platform for guests to share these concerns, which can be vital for future potential guests.

It is also essential for hosts to follow the safety tips.

Informed Decision-making for Guests

By reading about others' experiences, potential guests can make more informed decisions about where to stay. This can lead to a better match between the guest's expectations and the actual experience, leading to higher satisfaction.

Guests can follow our 13 Tricks To Get the Best Place.

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How to Write a Host Review?

Start with the Positive

Mention what you loved about the place or the host. Did they go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable? Was the listing as described, or even better?

Mention Any Issues or Areas for Improvement

If you faced any challenges or think something could have been better, mention it constructively. Remember, the goal is not just to criticize but to provide feedback that can help the host improve for future guests.

Comment on Communication

Was the host responsive, friendly, and helpful? Your feedback about the host's communication style and accessibility can be very valuable for potential guests.

Avoid Personal Information

For privacy reasons, avoid including personal details about yourself or the host. Stick to comments about the experience and the listing.

20 Positive Airbnb Host Review Samples

Certainly! Here are 20 sample positive reviews for Airbnb hosts:

1. "The apartment was absolutely spotless and beautifully decorated. Our host went above and beyond to make sure we felt at home."
2. "Located in the heart of the city, this place was perfect for our weekend getaway. The host provided excellent tips on local eateries and attractions."
3. "Communication was seamless! The host was responsive and considerate, ensuring our stay was comfortable from start to finish."

4. "This cozy cabin surpassed our expectations. The fireplace was a delightful touch, and the host was kind enough to leave firewood for us."

5. "A modern gem! The amenities were top-notch, and the host's guidebook had some fantastic local recommendations."

6. "I was taken aback by the breathtaking views from the balcony. Our host was attentive and made sure everything was in order for our arrival."

7. "This was the perfect family-friendly spot. The host thoughtfully provided toys and books for our little ones, making the stay even more memorable."

8. "Loved the vintage charm of this place! The host has done an incredible job preserving its character while offering modern conveniences."

9. "The garden is a serene oasis, perfect for morning coffee. Kudos to our host for maintaining it so beautifully."

10. "Impressed by the attention to detail! The host stocked the kitchen with essentials, and the bed was incredibly comfortable."

11. "This loft is a designer's dream. Every corner had aesthetic appeal, and our host was fantastic with check-in instructions."

12. "Had an amazing beachfront experience! The host provided beach towels and even a surfboard for us to use."

13. "The private entrance was a plus, allowing us to come and go as we pleased. Our host was respectful of our privacy but always available when needed."

14. "What a cultural treat! The host's collection of art and books from around the world added a unique touch to our stay."

15. "This is a green haven! Loved the sustainable touches, from solar panels to composting. Our eco-conscious host has set the bar high."

16. "We felt safe and secure throughout our stay. Our host was thorough in providing safety instructions and local emergency numbers."

17. "The workout room was a pleasant surprise. The host ensured it was well-equipped, allowing us to stick to our fitness routine."

18. "An unforgettable rooftop experience! We enjoyed the evening skyline, thanks to our host's setup with comfortable seating and mood lighting."

19. "The pet-friendly policy was a blessing. Our host even left treats for our dog, making it a delightful experience for our furry friend as well."

20. "The indoor plants added freshness to the space. Our host's thoughtful touches, from a well-curated playlist to a selection of teas, made our stay exceptional."

Remember, while these samples are positive, it's essential for reviews to be genuine reflections of one's experience. Personalizing reviews based on the actual stay can make them more helpful for both hosts and future guests.

20 Negative Airbnb Host Review Samples

Certainly! While negative reviews should always be constructive and based on genuine experiences, here are 20 sample negative reviews for Airbnb hosts:

1. "The apartment's location was convenient, but it wasn't as clean as we'd hoped. We found dust on the shelves and a few stains on the bedding."
2. "We faced issues with the Wi-Fi during our stay. Despite reaching out, the host was slow to respond."

3. "The listing mentioned a fully-equipped kitchen, but several essential utensils were missing, making cooking a challenge."

4. "While the place was generally okay, the noise from the construction next door made our mornings quite unpleasant."

5. "The photos of the apartment were a bit misleading. It was smaller than we expected, and the lighting was quite dim."

6. "The heating system seemed faulty. We spent our nights feeling colder than we'd have liked."

7. "Parking was an issue. The host's description mentioned ample parking space, but we struggled to find a spot every evening."

8. "We were disappointed to find that the washing machine was out of order. An update in the listing or a heads-up would have been appreciated."

9. "The place lacked basic amenities like soap and shampoo, which we assumed would be provided."

10. "Unfortunately, the place had a strong musty smell, which made our stay less comfortable."

11. "We had issues with the check-in process. The host's instructions were unclear, causing unnecessary confusion."

12. "The apartment is centrally located, but it's right next to a busy road. The traffic noise made it hard to sleep."

13. "While the place itself was fine, we found several of the host's house rules to be overly restrictive and not mentioned in the listing."

14. "The pool, which was one of the main attractions for us, was not maintained well and was unusable during our stay."

15. "We faced frequent power outages during our stay and felt the host could have provided backup solutions."

16. "The apartment was quite cluttered with personal belongings, leaving little space for us to unpack and settle in."

17. "We found the neighbors to be quite intrusive and wish the host had made us aware of this."

18. "The AC in the bedroom was quite loud, making it a challenge to get a good night's sleep."

19. "There were several undisclosed security cameras in common areas which made us uncomfortable."

20. "Unfortunately, the host was not flexible with our checkout time, causing inconvenience as our flight was in the late evening."

When leaving a negative review, it's essential to be honest and fair. Addressing specific issues rather than making broad generalizations can be more helpful for hosts to make improvements and for future guests to set their expectations.

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