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Airbnb Plus vs Luxe: What are they and which one to choose?

As Airbnb introduces different types of accommodations, keeping up with all the new terms is difficult. Airbnb Plus and Luxe are two different terms Airbnb uses for different types of properties, and it is interesting to learn about the differences between them.

Airbnb Plus vs Luxe: What are they and which one to choose?

Although, it may look like Airbnb is losing its popularity because they do not offer as low prices anymore compared to hotels or because they have banned parties (Which you can still somehow go around the party policy) or got restricted in many countries around the world. But, still, many people choose to stay on Airbnb for their holidays and city visits. 

For Airbnb to attract more and more hosts to list their properties on their website, Airbnb has introduced many different types of accommodation in the past few years, each unique in certain ways. Two of these categories that are really interesting and worth knowing about our Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Luxe.

I will compare these two types together and add some tips on how you can book these properties cheaper! 

What is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus are the properties that Airbnb itself chose. These are the properties that Airbnb chooses and verifies for their quality and comfort. It is a sort of guarantee for the guests as it makes the property to be Airbnb certified, and also it can bring more guests for the host as it gives them the advantage of being an Airbnb Plus.

Airbnb Plus does not have a separate landing page, so in order for you to find these properties, you need to use the filtering on Airbnb Main Page.

Airbnb Plus Filters

Turning the toggle on will filter all the properties on Airbnb Plus only.

Airbnb argues that professional photographers verified these properties in person against a 100-point checklist, and then the properties have received their Airbnb Plus badge. Some of these checklist items are:

  • Is it equipped with a TV with media entertainment (e.g. Netflix, Roku, or cable) and a remote control.
  • Is the property clean with no clutter, and well-maintained
  • Does it come with a fully-equipped kitchen - including cookware, serving ware, and cooking essentials
  • Is the home thoughtfully designed, and does it feature the host’s personality

Some of these properties might be slightly more expensive than others because of their Airbnb Plus Badge. So it is a good idea to know How to get discounts on Airbnb and How to avoid paying Airbnb service fees.

I will go through one of the ways of booking Airbnbs cheaper very quickly but click the links above for more tips. 

Airbnb and Airbnb Plus properties can be found cheaper on other websites, but as you can not check all the websites yourself, we have developed RatePunk Airbnb Feature that can help you out! See the Screenshot Below.

Blog Image

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There are other types of Airbnb accommodations.

What is Airbnb Luxe?

As Airbnb itself puts it, Airbnb Luxe is “A selection of pristine, expertly designed homes with high-end amenities, services, and dedicated trip designers.” 

All of the houses that you see on the Airbnb Luxe page are exceptional, but besides that, Airbnb Luxe is not only about exceptional properties and is more of an experience. Meaning that with Airbnb Luxe, you get more service than only a property. These services include:

  • Tailored services: From personal chefs to massage therapists, a local team of professionals has you covered.
  • Effortless arrivals: Private airport pick-up, an in-person welcome, and a home stocked are some of our featured add-ons.
  • Custom itineraries: Your trip designer can plan every last detail and make sure everything is just right.
  • 300-point inspection and vetting: Each property is vetted for pristine conditions and meticulously maintained.
  • Expertly designed: Statement-making homes with exceptionally styled interiors.
  • Luxury amenities: Fully equipped to meet your needs, with ample space and privacy.

The properties in this listing are more expensive than the normal listings but offer much more. Having this feature is one aspect when we talk about Airbnb vs Vrbo.

Airbnb Plus vs Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb Luxe has higher standards compared to Airbnb Plus. Airbnb Luxe represents high-end properties with exceptional amenities and services, such as a butler, chef, and driver, while Airbnb Plus are normal properties that Airbnb verified by checking them against a 100-point checklist.

To answer the question of "Which one to choose?" I would say it depends on your budget. These types of properties are not really similar to each other as Airbnb Luxe properties are very high-class in their services and, therefore, their prices.

Are Airbnb Plus and Luxe worth it?

There are two perspectives here, one from the guest and one from the host.

Guests can make sure they are booking a very good property by checking Airbnb Plus and Luxe, which is great as many complications are happening when booking Airbnb. I mean complications with the host or the property not being well maintained, even if you follow all the Airbnb Tips For Guests to get a good place. And, of course, the downside is the price.

There are Pros and Cons for the hosts as well. Although having your property listed as Plus or Luxe means more booking rate and higher booking fees, it also means you need to take very good care of your property and provide a better service than usual. This will increase your costs and is very time and energy consuming.

Jun 21, 2023

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