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RatePunk device price comparison: is it cheaper to book hotels on your phone or computer?

Comparing prices on different booking websites to get the best deal is old news. However, not many travelers know that the same hotel can have different rates on mobile & desktop booking websites. Find out how much the prices differ & which device offers the best hotel prices in seconds with RatePunk.

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By Aistė

Published: Jan 03, 20242 min read

RatePunk device price comparison: is it cheaper to book hotels on your phone or computer?

RatePunk is a free browser extension with over 170k users worldwide. It’s available on Chrome Web Store, Safari, Firefox, or Opera, and it pops up every time you search for a hotel, providing you with every detail to save the most money & make the best hotel choice. 

Why are mobile & desktop prices different?

Desktop sites have higher customer acquisition costs, and most desktop users find websites via searches. That means websites need to pay for Google ads, bid for keywords, and reacquire users each time the user books through them. In the case of the mobile booking website version or mobile app (two different things), getting users back is much more retentive. Additionally, some hotels provide better prices for mobile users. has three different rates: desktop, mobile, and also a mobile app.’s mobile site most often has better prices than its desktop version. It’s noticeable not only for Booking but for other providers as well. 

To get around this trick used by booking websites, RatePunk informs you every time your hotel could be booked cheaper on another device. 

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In what we see from our data, 80% of mobile and mobile app prices are similar, but there are cases where we can actually find the cheaper rate on the app.

You can find out how desktop/mobile prices vary in different regions in one of our latest studies published on CNBC.

Together with the desktop & mobile price comparison, get… 

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Jan 03, 2024

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