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RatePunk’s hotel quality rating: everything about your hotel in one place

How do you find out if the hotel is right for you? In 2024, instead of Googling every hotel detail separately, you rely on the ultimate RatePunk hotel quality rating. Find all the reviews, blended hotel rating, safety around property & much more in one place.

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By Aistė

Published: Jan 02, 20243 min read

RatePunk’s hotel quality rating: everything about your hotel in one place

RatePunk is a free browser extension with over 140k users worldwide. When you install RatePunk from Chrome Web Store, Safari, Firefox, or Opera, it pops up every time you search for a hotel, providing you with every detail to save the most money & make the best hotel choice. 

Here, I'll talk about how RatePunk gives you all the crucial hotel-related information. It has 3 features to cover all details: 

👉 RateScore (already covered in more detail HERE)

👉 Hotel quality rating

👉 Safety around property

👉 Comment cloud

Let's go one by one. Each of them pops out on the RatePunk extension when you click on a certain hotel. 


Hotel quality rating


In this section we show you how the hotel's quality has been changing throughout time, so you know if it's been improving or getting poorer. What’s the use of it to you? 

Decreasing quality is already a huge red flag for obvious reasons - something went left, for example, a change of owners, staff, or simply a need for renovation. 

Increasing quality, on the other hand, can help you score a better deal. Imagine a hotel that’s improving but still doesn’t have enough good reviews to bring that overall rating up. They have lower rates to catch the crowds & you have an opportunity to catch that lower rate. Win-win. 

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Safety around property


RatePunk scans reviews and rates the safety around the property, so before booking, you always know whether the neighborhood of the hotel's location is safe or risky.  

Example: it's no secret that San Francisco is known for its sketchy neighborhoods (been there, done that). While your booking website may show that it's in a very central location, it can be a risky or even unsafe neighborhood, as many central San Francisco neighborhoods are. But who are you to know if it's your first time visiting that place? 

We don't like surprises when it comes to safety. RatePunk tells you about the surroundings of the property, and you know what to expect. 


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Comment cloud

We aggregate the main keywords from booking websites and list them by the most mentions, so you know what that hotel is popular for. Or, in the opposite case, what it’s known to lack from the previous reviews. 

The good ones are colored green, and the bad ones - red. When you click on them, you can see the percentage of negative and positive reviews left on that aspect. Easy! 

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All of these features give you a clear understanding of what to expect, and all of them pop up the same second you start looking at your wanted hotel. No need to check a bunch of blog posts searching for reviews or the most dangerous neighborhoods to avoid - RatePunk gives you all the answers as you browse. 

But wait… That's not all. RatePunk offers 12 FREE features, and I thought these might catch your attention: 


RatePunk ULTIMATE GUIDE: all travel browser extension + APP features explained

RatePunk launches: compare AIRBNB prices on other OTAs (!) 

RatePunk REBOOKING: rebook your hotel if the price drops.

Psst… There's more! Install & give them all a shot in practice! 

Jan 02, 2024

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