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RatePunk hotel price comparison: why is it the best hotel price comparison tool?

How to save on hotels in 2024? RatePunk is a free browser extension that saves travelers’ money on hotels by automatically applying money-saving hacks & tricks. This time, let’s dig deeper into RatePunk price comparison feature - what sets it apart from the other hotel price comparison websites?

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By Aistė

Published: Jan 03, 20243 min read

RatePunk hotel price comparison: why is it the best hotel price comparison tool?

RatePunk already has over 140k users worldwide. It’s available on Chrome Web Store, Safari, Firefox, or Opera, and it pops up every time you search for a hotel, providing you with every detail to save the most money & make the best hotel choice. 

Now, back to the PRICE COMPARISON feature. 

There are multiple popular price comparison websites out there, like Kayak & Momondo. Why should travelers choose us over well-known names? 

First of all, RatePunk is not a website - it’s a browser extension. It means that you don’t have to go to a separate website to compare the price of your wanted hotel. RatePunk pops out right there on your favorite booking website (whatever it would be - from Booking to Orbitz and more), and shows you which one has the cheapest price in a few seconds. You click on it, and you’re immediately referred to that particular deal & hotel - just cheaper. 

You can find out how hotel prices vary in different booking websites in one of our latest studies published on CNBC.

Without the fact that it’s more convenient, RatePunk price comparison is also more accurate. We guarantee that because we compare hotel prices LIVE using APIs as you search for your hotel. Other hotel price comparison tools (like, once again, Kayak) use cash data & show you the last seen price as the cheapest one. That means you never know when it was last updated, and hotel prices change literally every second. Why risk missing a deal because of old-fashioned systems? 

Access RatePunk booking website

Just like Booking, Agoda, or Expedia - we have our own booking website, too. However, it’s only available for RatePunk users and can only be accessed through the extension (or our app). 

There, we give travelers secret RETAIL hotel prices with a way lower commission rate, meaning you save up to 42% of your final hotel price (that’s how big commissions are on some booking websites). 

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So, with RatePunk, you:

👉 Get LIVE hotel price comparison in seconds

👉 Don’t have to change ANY of your hotel booking habits

👉 Get access to RETAIL prices with up to 42% lower prices

👉 Unlock 11 additional RatePunk features that come together with the extension (rebooking, price tracking, blended hotel ratings, device price comparison, and more) 

And everything RatePunk-related is… FREE! 

Always get the best hotel deals

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RatePunk is also available as an APP for iPhones & Androids. Get it all - just in your phone.

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Jan 03, 2024

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