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Should You Book an Airbnb with No Reviews? All you need to know!

Should You Book an Airbnb with No Reviews? Why would a property on Airbnb have 0 Reviews? How to make sure we are not being scammed? I will answer all the above questions in this post!

Should You Book an Airbnb with No Reviews? All you need to know!

What could be the reasons for an Airbnb not having any reviews?

For starters, just not having a review does not necessarily mean the property is bad or scammy! But for sure it needs extra attention before booking!

It is good to look at the reasons an Airbnb could be found without a review to make a better judgment.  

New Listing: The most common reason is that the property has recently been listed on Airbnb, and no guests have stayed there or reviewed it yet.

Low Booking Rate: The host might have the property listed for a while, but it may not have been booked due to various reasons like high pricing, unappealing photos, or lack of amenities.

Obviously, hosts need to make sure to provide all the essential amenities and learn tips on how to become a superhost to boost their bookings!

Unpublished Reviews: Sometimes, guests might leave a review, but if it violates Airbnb's content policy, it may not be published.

Calendar Restrictions: The host might have strict availability settings, such as a long minimum stay requirement or few open dates, leading to fewer bookings and, thus, fewer reviews.

Host Preferences: The host might be selective about who they accept reservations from, leading to fewer overall guests.

External Bookings: The property might also be listed on other platforms or rented out privately, and the guests from those bookings wouldn't leave reviews on Airbnb.

You need to know about these external listings as they can help you SAVE MONEY! Read more about it.

Inactive Listing: The listing might be inactive or paused for bookings for extended periods, meaning it's not receiving guests to review it.

Guests Neglecting to Review: Not all guests leave reviews. Some might forget, or they might not feel compelled to share their experience, especially if it was a neutral one.

Not to forget that writing tailored reviews can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult. Therefore, it is beneficial for the guests to write their reviews with the help of host review examples.

No Review Reminder: Airbnb typically sends out reminders to guests to leave a review after their stay. If there's an issue with these reminders or if guests ignore them, reviews might not be left.

Host-Guest Agreements: In some rare cases, a host and guest might have an agreement or understanding not to leave a review, although this isn't a standard practice.

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What are the dangers of booking an Airbnb without any reviews?

Booking an Airbnb without any reviews poses certain risks. While many new listings are genuine and simply haven't had guests yet, it's essential to be cautious. Here are some potential dangers of booking an unreviewed Airbnb:

Misrepresentation: Without previous guests to confirm the accuracy of the listing, there's a risk that the property might not match the description, photos, or amenities promised.

Safety Concerns: There's no feedback on the safety of the neighborhood, the security of the property, or potential hazards within the home.

Cleanliness Issues: The property might not meet cleanliness standards, and without reviews, there's no way to verify this beforehand.

Unreliable Host: A host without reviews hasn't established a track record of reliability. They might cancel last minute, be unresponsive to concerns, or fail to provide essential amenities.

Scams: While Airbnb has measures in place to prevent scams, there's still a risk. Some scammers create fake listings to defraud potential guests.

Overpricing: Without reviews to indicate the value guests receive for their money, you might end up overpaying for the property.

Hidden Issues: Previous guests often mention issues like noisy neighbors, broken appliances, or problems with heating or cooling. Without these insights, you might encounter unexpected challenges.

Communication Barriers: An unreviewed host hasn't demonstrated their ability to communicate effectively with guests, which can be crucial, especially in emergency situations.

Cancellation Policies: An inexperienced or unreliable host might have strict cancellation policies, potentially costing you money if plans change.

Dispute Resolution: If issues arise, having reviews gives you a sense of how the host handles conflicts or problems. Without this information, there's more uncertainty in case of disputes.

The list of Airbnb guest tips can be very beneficial for you to get the best deals!

Minimize potential risks of booking an Airbnb without any reviews

If you're considering booking an unreviewed Airbnb, here are some steps to minimize potential risks:

Contact the Host: Before booking, initiate a conversation with the host. Their responsiveness and willingness to answer questions can give you a sense of their reliability.

Profile Examination: Check the host's profile for any verifications, such as government ID or links to social media. If they have other properties or reviews as a guest, that can also be informative.

Another trick here is to right-click on the pictures provided by the host and choose “Search image with Google.” Google will show you other websites where the pictures are being used, and therefore, you can verify the pictures.

Secure Payments: Always use Airbnb's platform for payments. Don't transfer money outside of the system, even if the host offers a discount.

Research the Area: Look into the property's neighborhood or area yourself to assess safety, convenience, and attractions.

Review House Rules and Policies: Ensure you're comfortable with all the property's rules and cancellation policies.

Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off or too good to be true, it might be best to choose a different listing. Or choose an Airbnb Alternative to go to.

So Should You Book an Airbnb with No Reviews? If you consider all the tips mentioned above, you will be able to evaluate the listing correctly and choose wisely! 

In case of any questions, leave us a comment in the comment section below…


Sep 25, 2023

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